Enough with the Apex Legends Teases, It’s Time for Titanfall 3

Crossover content between Apex Legends and Titanfall is great, but what about creating a new sequel to the mech FPS? What about Titanfall 3?

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darthv725d ago

I wouldnt mind them bringing this back. I thought 1 was pretty fun and 2 was even better.

Kavorklestein5d ago

2 was better in SP.

I feel like for it's time tho, Titanfall 1 was the best new shooter in 2014.
It ruined Call of Duty for me for a good 2 years.

MetroidFREAK215d ago

It really is. I played the hell out of both games, and will play TF3 just as much! I need more

Highrevz5d ago

I loved Titanfall so much I couldn’t bring my self to enjoy Apex, my first game was full of disappointment when I realised the movement mechanics was not the same.

I lose interest with FPS campaigns very fast but Titanfall 2 was good enough to replay multiple times.

KGEthan4d ago

Took a while to get used to, but I enjoy Apex a lot. I'd still drop it for Titanfall 3 in a heartbeat, though