Assassin's Creed is bloated, unfocused and needs to shed some systems

Ubisoft needs to invest in some shears.

Kaii5d ago

Spicy hot take
*Any single-player campaign that allows players to purchase resources (with real money) is garbage tier.

Snookies125d ago

Yeah, spending money to advance in a game is fundamentally stupid. A game is meant to occupy your time. You're reducing the value of your purchase by shortening its length, and simultaneously paying MORE for it by the end of the experience. Why not just offer a $120 edition of games that come with the entire campaign finished and everything unlocked. That way people won't have to invest any time at all into the game! Sounds great, lol.

Sonic-and-Crash5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

its not just the resources mechanics ...With Assasin Creed everything is mediocre the animations , the gameplay mechanics, the cheapy visuals ...the games are boring at the very best

TheGreatGazoo305d ago (Edited 5d ago )

I've never paid to shorten the game with resources, I had a friend with 3 kids under the age of 5. He happily spent the $5-$10 so he could experience the game in a shorter time. I don't see a problem with companies offering that option for people that want it. Especially for games with 100+ hrs of content.

Chocoburger5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Not a spicy hot take at all. Its an accurate statement, and Ubisoft are one of the biggest offenders in modern gaming.

I got fed up with this stale, all-filler-no-killer series. Boring characters and stories, boring combat mechanics, boring game worlds that are too big for their own good. Endless grinding, where they sell you the solution via micro-trash-actions.

Nuts to you Ubisoft, I'm done with AC.

DVAcme5d ago

Agreed. That's what killed Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War for the longest time. When they finally removed the microtransactions, that game turned out to be an absolute masterpiece.

neutralgamer19925d ago

You can pretty much see this about all Ubisoft games. These publishers think game length and amount of icons on map equals sales. Their games feel like copy and paste jobs. They have some very interesting IP's only if they would take some chances with them and try to innovate

I much rather have 20-25 hour long game which is focused and all quests including side quests are polished than 60 hour grind. And these publishers have figured out launch the games without microtransactions once all the reviews and early sales are done than add microtransactions so the review scores don't mention anything

annoyedgamer5d ago

People keep buying it so why would they change?

neutralgamer19925d ago

Exactly gamers are the biggest issue when it comes to change. We could make a huge difference just look at when Star wars battlefront 2 incident happened we stuck together and changes happened

telgou5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

@neutralgamer1992 It's not real gamers(as in ones whose main mean of entertainment is gaming, i don't mean elitist definition) that keep buying these games without thinking. It's normal people, the kind who buy the hottest AAA game on the market and don't check any game news.
This is why Ubishit turned Assassin's creed into a cashgrab with quirky features and a combat system that looks like a smartphone action RPG game.

Germaximus5d ago

Yes. Agreed. They've done a great job with it but it is the most bloated it has ever been.

Magog5d ago

It's lost all focus and does nothing for me anymore.

Rachel_Alucard5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

I have never been so bored in my life when I played AC Odyessey. I had dropped the series after buying Unity at launch. Then I decided to try Odyessy since I kept seeing positive reviews from actual users and they had changed the formula I saw too. The formula change was just an endless slog through map markers, cringe writing, and mindless combat with the whole game just being endless and unfun. I didn't buy it at full price because Ubisoft has always only valued the first 3 months of release and the price shoots down to $30 for even their best sellers. Probably because nobody but people who like turning their brain off will leave positive reviews or even buy them at launch. Regardless, I dropped the series again, just like the rest of their franchises. If they brought back Ray-man right now they'd just turn it into a 3D open world collectathon with nothing creative being done with any aspect outside of story cutscenes. Even that Beyond good and evil project is the same formula.

Skull and bones being restarted was much needed since the original game was just pvp deathmatch with nothing else. But knowing Ubisoft they'll once again turn it into a map marker simulator with a pirate theme. Even if they try to strawman that they removed the reveal markers aspect, they'll just pull an Odyssey where all you do is switch on a crows nest and point at a location and it gets auto revealed which is just as mindless and requires no thinking just like the towers.

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