EA Adds Augusta To EA Sports PGA Tour

Lots of Golf news today as Augusta has been added to the game.

MagicLebronJordan5d ago

Please include the 3 click swing. I like sitting down and relaxing and playing a good golf game. I hate that awful analog swing crap. At minimum just include it will def make more sales. Options are always good.

NecrumOddBoy5d ago

I also prefer 3-click swing mechanics but older Tiger Woods games had pretty decent analog controls.

If you have a Switch, definitely check out Golf Story, btw.

Garethvk5d ago

Did you try the PGA Tour 2K21 and how was that swing for you if you did?

5d ago
Garethvk5d ago

Like that pull the mouse back and then forward stuff of old.

zacfoldor4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

I'm okay with it.....but I think it would need to be done very carefully in competitive game like this. The 3 click swing removes the necessity to properly guide the club, and thus makes the game a lot easier.

I wonder if it could get by with a 3 click swing option that could not be used in competitive multiplayer? Or perhaps simply an asterisk by the player before the match starts informing all users that they are on the click-swing instead of the glide-swing option?

To be fair, I'm 100% okay with it being an accessibility option, but if it also reduces the difficulty, I'd like that to be addressed somehow in online multiplayer, even if it is just a notification or asterisk.

Even moreso with a leaderboard, there would need to be separate leaderboards for both playstyles, or one would dominate. It would probably be mandatory to play with 3 clicks in order to rank if the leaderboards weren't separate. This is a great single player game, but also remember it is a sports game and is also likely designed to be competitive in multiplayer.

MagicLebronJordan4d ago

Im cool with all that i just want the option.