That Time Mario Can Apparently Jump 25-Feet High

Mario is capable of a lot of amazing talents, but did you know that Mario can jump 25-feet vertically? Let's remember that time right now in today's "That Time" article.

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Knightofelemia34d ago

Mushroom Kingdom must have the same gravity as the moon or Mars

whitbyfox34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

And break house bricks with his fist.

Vanfernal34d ago

That is parting from the premise that mini Mario is the actual Mario. Judging by the size of the other npcs in the NES games giant Mario is the real Mario. And his jumping size is roughly the same. So more realistically, he should be able to jump around 12.5 ft. Then there's the elephant in the room. Luigi has always been a higher jumper than Mario, so that Guinness record and the whole article should be about Luigi. It's people like this writer why the green bro never gets any respect!

Jeriphro34d ago

Yeah. The judgment is easiest with little Mario, as his measurement is the easiest to assess with the stage's heights and distances.

But a study of Luigi from Super Mario Bros 2 would be a fascinating one, considering his powered vertical leap is incredibly high. haha.