Game Vortex: Call of Duty: World at War PC Review

Game Vortex writes: "When it comes to visuals on the PC, the recent Call of Duty franchise has been better than average in more than one way. This year's title is no exception, as Treyarch's World at War offers up a great look to go with its equally great audio. From the initial moments of the game, the on-screen action is shown through excellent environments and authentic player models and weapons.

The game's gorgeous visuals come at a high cost, though. Being that there are a high number of explosions, a lot of rapid gunfire, and hordes of smoke and flames shooting everywhere, COD: World at War suffers some horrible framerate issues. In fact, at times and specifically during highly explosive scenes, the screen will absolutely chug, even after turning down a lot of the options in the Graphics Menu. I have a sneaking suspicion that even the most powerful computers will suffer from this slowdown, as I've personally seen brand new gaming desktop computers choke on the game's visuals."

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