Atari separates gaming division and says it will create console and PC games

From VGC: "Atari has announced the creation of a dedicated gaming division, as well as a change of leadership at the company.

Atari is one of the most recognisable names from the early games industry. Since its 80s heyday, the company name has lived on through various owners, most recently emerging from a 2013 bankruptcy into its current form."

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Vits33d ago

Look like they are going to make more stuff like Pong Quest from the wording. What I really don't mind, because while the idea seemed stupid. The end product was fun and likely the best game that Atari released in this decade.

SIdepocket33d ago

How in the hell is Atari:

1. still in business
2. large enough to have more than one division?

Locutus_of_borg33d ago

Via Crowdfunding... and i bet this strategy will continue going forwards. Its not for me but im sure others will contribute..

Darkborn33d ago

I wonder how successful the atari vcs wasn't.

Vits33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

I don't think it was released yet. The website still says pre-orders and Gamestop have a 30/04/21 release date.

But backers got their units and the reviews so far are actually not that bad. Even though it's a bit overpriced for the hardware, it's a emulation beast and it's somewhat customizable. The last that I saw people had found out what the bios password was and that allowed them to up the TDP and use faster RAM. Giving the console a nice little boost in performance.

It still fall short of other mini-pcs in the market (price x performance) and if the point is pure gaming the Series S + Developer mode is still a cut above. But overall is a much better device than anyone thought it would be.

MetroidFREAK2133d ago

Stop giving Atari money people...

NeoGamer23233d ago

For me, I want more gaming companies not less... I want them all to be successful.

XiNatsuDragnel33d ago

I'm interested to see what happens here

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