Gamer 2.0: The Godfather II Preview

Gamer 2.0 writes: "With the reputation of poorly made movie-to-video game adaptations preceding it, Electronic Arts' Godfather took everyone by surprise when they delivered a polished piece of software accompanied by a well-manicured story. The anticipated sequel will borrow many elements from its predecessor but with a fresh storyline.

Well, not entirely fresh. The Godfather II's opening scene is eerily similar to the first's. The game opens with Aldo Trapani, the Don of your family being shot dead in Cuba. Michael Corleone proceeds to promote you, Dominic Corleone, to Trapani's rank. As a new Don, you need to prove your grit by extorting local businesses for protection payment. As always, shopkeepers are initially reticent to pay you, but after you've busted up their merchandise and their bodies enough, they'll give it a second thought."

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