Switch Firmware 12.0.0 is Live, Includes Code to Update Dock

The Switch firmware 12.0.0 update is live, and it interestingly has some code in there that allow for future dock upgrading. Thanks to dataminers, we have learned the possible reason for this big, new firmware update.

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Nuclearmoon39d ago

I hope it confirms Switch Pro as being a dock rather than a new system. A res boost and more power to enable split screen in docked mode would be nice.

Nuclearmoon39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

If Splatoon 3 had splitscreen support on a pro dock, or Splatoon 3 bundle with a dock, game and a pro controller would be very tempting.

luckytrouble39d ago

That would be an awful move. With their handheld mode requirement for games, just updating one side of the equation would accomplish nothing. It would effectively be the perfect waste of money that didn't actually move the Switch forward in anyway.

RyanDJ39d ago

I think a new dock is genius. Most of the rumored upgrades allow 4K on TV and whatnot, splintering the fanbase is not a good concept. Yes, a new screen would be pretty on handheld, but it'd be nice to have a stopgap in the middle. Affordable for those who want to upgrade, missable for those who don't. And imagine if say the new dock has on-board memory? It could store the new 4K pieces of old games to save room on the system, or simply store games you don't need on the go.

zacfoldor39d ago

Now this is interesting. I wonder what it means.

Aussiesummer39d ago

Would be great if they released a switch 2 with new dock and you could buy the dock separately to boost current switch. Interesting times ahead.

NextGenCeo39d ago

This means new Switch have the new dock. Dock will make upscale 4K or DLSS, not the real Switch hardware. Yes better screen and other improvement but real deal is the new Dock. This is the good strategy from Nintendo. Old Switch hardware will keep run with this new Dock release.

Axecution39d ago

Do you have a link to any of the info that you just said or are you just fully making stuff up out of thin air?

starforge7139d ago

they need to fix the damn drift issues for the joycons before they make a new system tbh