The Last Remnant Director Will Now Take Your Questions

Now that The Last Remnant has been released worldwide on the Xbox 360, director Hiroshi Takai is looking to answer any questions people have about the game. Fortunately, Final Fantasy Union been given the opportunity to ask Mr. Takai some questions, so if you have anything you want to know about the game, please head over to the site and give them your questions.

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Darkseider3694d ago

***Waving hand wildly in air***

What the hell were you thinking?

mephman3694d ago

Haha, I think he might be looking for something a bit more constructive. ;)

Darkseider3694d ago

Yeah, but you have to admit it is a good question.

mintaro3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

Have any of you played the game?

iamtehpwn3694d ago

Why does your game suck and/or lick balls so much?

facepalm3694d ago

Here's what I would've ask...

Is there a reason why you guys had to use the "Unreal Engine 3"??

I know you are trying to attract "Western"'s to your game and all, but let's be frank... Your final product, in my personal opinion, is less "Western" than SEGA's "Valkyria Chronicles", but it isn't because of the engine/graphics, it's because of gameplay and story...

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Gun_Senshi3694d ago

How much was M$ Check? or was it all in Cash?

Chris Hansen3694d ago

Will you consider the option to cancel the PS3 version of this garbage game?

Nathan Drake3694d ago

Since your game is a flop,do people point and laugh at you in the streets?


Selyah3694d ago

I suppose you'd have to have played it to be able to think of anything worth while asking. I wonder if the ps3 will suffer from the same framerate issues for that matter.

ruibing3694d ago

I hope not, but this is that terrible Unreal Engine we are talking about. This really shows we cannot have monopolies for anything, Sony or someone else should become the Apple of the OS market by introducing an alternative solution.

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The story is too old to be commented.