Will more PlayStation games come to Xbox Game Pass? Analysts weigh in on MLB deal

Industry analysts and representatives from Sony and Microsoft reveal how this unprecedented deal happened, and what it could mean for games in the months and years ahead.

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darthv72200d ago (Edited 200d ago )

seeing as it was MLB decision to make the series multiplat then it makes sense it would be their decision to allow the game to be on GP. Sony gets paid either way. Business is business.

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alb1899197d ago

Sony gets paid ether way hahaha and you will pay 70 too because you are a Fanboy hahahaha!!

RazzerRedux200d ago

"Claims" if it wasn't obvious. Does anyone really think Sony went to MLB and said "let's put The Show on Xbox!"


Saigon200d ago (Edited 200d ago )

I saw that as well and was hoping someone would point that out. To me, it sounds like they are making Sony out to be the bad guy when it's really out of their hands. There is a reason why MLB selected Sony to make this game the official MLB game and they have their reasonings to add it to GP. If there is someone to blame, MLB is the culprit, but honestly, no one did anything wrong here.

NeoGamer232200d ago

Ya, and put it on GP to boot.

I can guarantee Sony had no part in that decision.

neutralgamer1992200d ago

Yes but since sony pays for development so they will most likely get a huge chunk from ms/mlb

SpineSaw200d ago

I think your the only other person than myself that found the comment "claims" odd. The better way to put it would have been "Sony says MLB" or "Sony clears up how MLB the Show found its way to the Xbox rental service". "claims" is such a flamIng fan boy way to put it when it's clearly as you say "obvious" that Sony had nothing to do with it. Microsoft paid MLB the publisher a boat load of $$$ to put it on their rental service but for me I have a Xbox One and I also have the Xbox rental service that I never use I'll be paying Sony to play it their platform because it simply is the better place to play.

Aarontk197d ago

I find the pejorative use of “rental service” funny. I remember when there was snickering about Netflix dropping physical for streaming, how’d that turn out? Do you consider Netflix a rental service? Nothing is guaranteed to stay there, unless developed by Netflix. Sound familiar? If any of you are truly worried about Microsoft being successful with GP, you should be. Seems like a waste of time to worry about it, though. Just play your preferred console; stop trying to dog the other guy just to feel safe with your purchase.

SpineSaw197d ago

"Do you consider Netflix a rental service"? ....YES I do and it in fact by definition is a " Rental Service".

" If any of you are truly worried about Microsoft being successful with GP, you should".... I can't speak for others but I have no such worries at all. I also am a current subscriber to the Xbox Rental Service.

"Just play your preferred console; stop trying to dog the other guy just to feel safe with your purchase"
I wasn't trying to dog anyone but I got no issues with doing just that.

With all that said maybe someone like you would feel more safe if they stopped worrying about what others think.

IamTylerDurden1197d ago

MLB decided to put it on Xbox, let's all calm down. Funny thing is, Xbox fans always ignored The Show when it was listed as an exclusive, but they love it. Same shit as always. They never cared for Yakuza either.

RazzerRedux197d ago

You are absolutely right. I didn't see anyone begging for MLB or Yakuza on the Xbox side before they came over. Hell, I never saw the first bit of interest in Hellblade either. Funny how that works.

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Orchard200d ago

Not a huge surprise really... does anyone seriously think Sony was the one putting this in Game Pass? There's no positive for them/their platform - only downsides.

darthv72200d ago

Sony could put their version on PS Now but they tend to not do new releases until it has been on the market for several months. Now this could be the game that changes all of that. IF they really wanted to go toe to toe with MS. I mean there are more who would likely buy the game because they arent Now subscribers but what if they did this and it sparked some interest in their Now service and showed Sony that people would sign up if there were more new releases on it?

Sony can still sell their retail copies but having the option for others to play it on Now is not a bad thing. And i get it, many think it will diminish the output from their studios if they opt to release new games blah blah blah... so far it seems to be doing good for MS in terms of keeping players engaged which can lead to increased funding for other projects. The first thing is to get people to sign up, keeping them signed up comes naturally (as long as there are new games).

RauLeCreuset200d ago

"I mean there are more who would likely buy the game because they arent Now subscribers but what if they did this and it sparked some interest in their Now service and showed Sony that people would sign up if there were more new releases on it?"

It's not a question of whether more people would sign up if there were new releases. That's a given. That's not their business model. They've made that clear, including in this article. The same goes for Nintendo. Xbox is the only one of them to have never won a console generation. This is their Plan B. Why would Sony abandon a proven monetization model to copy the unproven B plan of a company that failed at the proven model?

neutralgamer1992200d ago


I don't understand your logic why would they give this game away for free when they can charge full price and they are millions of PlayStation gamers waiting to pay for it. I think by now is pretty clear Sony doesn't care about game pass they're doing their own thing Nintendo is doing their own thing in Microsoft are doing their own thing with xbox. Gamers think it's a competition but please corporations multi-billion dollar corporations don't look at it like that. If gaming industry is healthy and all three are making money that is what's best for business from all three.

PlayStation 4 outsole Xbox One almost three to one and PlayStation 5 even with this shortages is out selling Xbox series x by humongous margin so why would Sony care what game pass is doing. As someone who recently got Xbox x i for one and happy with game pass because I can try out games without having to make a purchase. But I'm also only paying $1 for the first month after that I don't think I will pay $15.

I basically got a Xbox x because I want to play some Xbox 360 games via backwards compatibility because that is one area I feel like where Sony has completely failed us as gamers

One question I do have and I think I'm going to do some more research how long will Microsoft support Xbox One and Xbox x

sactownlawyer916200d ago

I’m guessing you have never played The Show before. Sony is about to make bank with this being on Xbox and gamepass. With more people buying stubs this is a huge win for Sony. Do some research next time.

Orchard200d ago

@sactownlayer916 "Do some research next time."

If you did some research you would know that GP $$$ & microtransactions typically go to the publisher, not the developer (unless they are the same company).

Orchard200d ago (Edited 200d ago )

Totally agree @darthv72. I hope for a PS game pass some day!

CobraKai200d ago

Something the Xbox sorely needs, PlayStation games. Now it can have one. Lol. I’m trolling. Don’t mind me.

Saijahn200d ago

Kinda like Sony needing ms azure servers eh and soon Bethesda games and their own gamepass setup. Always late to the party, that is funny

1Victor200d ago

Late like share bottom, games with a camera or maybe VR sure Sony is always late to the party like single players games and exclusive highly rated games 🤣 😂 🤣 that’s funny indeed

DEEHULK88200d ago

How about late like a unified gaming network(Sega,OG Xbox fully realized ),Hard-drive(OGXbox)and achievements.

jukins200d ago (Edited 200d ago )

Wait wasnt there a psnow with downloadable ps4 games before gamepass? Needing Bethesda? Lol why did microsoft buy betheada? Was it because they got absolutely crushed last gen by the switch and ps4? Lol late to the party.. . .

As for needing azure. . . Theyre not the only game in town. They probably just offered the best scenario for playstation because peeviously they used aws

Father__Merrin200d ago

You've chosen the wrong system it's behind again if you haven't noticed

ShadowWolf712200d ago

@DEEHULK88 There was a hard drive add-on and a network adapter for the PS2 in Japan several months before the Xbox came out.

darthv72200d ago

@jukins, it was because of gamepass that Sony added a download feature for the PS4 games only. The remaining games are streaming.

DEEHULK88200d ago

Don't know what network adapter has to do with Xbox Live on the Original Xbox and a hard drive came with the system and anyone that had the system knows that the memory never ran out. No need for memory cards. Achievements pretty much speak for themselves

CobraKai200d ago (Edited 200d ago )

Speaking of Bethesda and MS buying Zenimax for $7 billion+, Desthloop is coming out exclusively for PS5 soon. Anyone else excited?

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bradleejones200d ago

@DEEHULK88 actually Sega had Sega Channel on the Genesis. Honestly it was pretty cool! That was in 1994 or 95 if I recall.

DEEHULK88200d ago

Sega channel wasn't an unified online gaming network, but I remember that. They started moving in that direction with Dreamcast with dial up which is why I have them up there but it was never realized. Microsoft coming from a computer background was able to get it up and running broadband only.

DEEHULK88200d ago

Yes it is exciting Ps5 and PC. I have a ps5, so I know I will get the first one and then the sequels that probably won't be on the platform, similar to Hellblade.

CobraKai200d ago

Yeah. I got Timesplitters vibes from this game. I bought my son a $3000 gaming rig with a 3080 something graphics card. He says he can run Cyberpunk with all the effects up so if there is a sequel, I’m confescating his PC.

1Victor200d ago

I see you carefully worded your response to make it seem Sony didn’t had online gaming before Xbox as Shadowwolf said above.
Ok let’s make a list of late to the party and start to ✅ who have the most.

Microsoft win

neomahi197d ago

Well, but your right. It was a cheap shot by Microsoft and Microsoft are so narcissistic, theres zero gratitude and zero class. Figures....

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FanboysKiller200d ago

Getting tension of a game for the wrong reason when it's usually kept behind the scenes is a bad sign.