PlayTM Interview: Chris Easton on Prince of Persia

PlayTM writes: " Ubisoft's new-look Prince of Persia will be delivered into gamers hands tomorrow, the French publisher introducing a new 'illustrative' art style, and a sexy side-kick for the Prince: Elika. The Sands of Time may be gone, but Elika will be there instead to save you during those mis-timed leaps, as well as providing the key to the game's Persian mythology-inspired plot. We sat down with community developer Chris Easton to learn a little more on this stylish platformer.

Q: Why the new direction with the art style, Chris, and why now?
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A: Okay, well, The Sands of Time trilogy finished with The Two Thrones, obviously that was the end of that trilogy... we couldn't continue that story because it is finished. So, we wanted to create a new Prince of Persia game, and when you create a new title in such a franchise you need something to differentiate it from previous games."

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