PlayTM: Celebrity Sports Showdown Review

PlayTM writes: " Despite what my colleagues and I might like to tell ourselves, we are not quite the be all and end all of video games judgment. There is an arbitrator even greater, and no – I'm not referring to our beloved Editor. The last and in many way only really valid critic of a game's value is the good ol' free market. This final and absolute system of judgement will ninety-nine times out of a hundred nail the actual worth of the game as the wider public vote with their wallets. Admittedly, for every rightful plaudit and pound that goes to Gears of War 2 there is an Ico starving for its art in the wings, but you can't fault it as an overall yardstick.

Imagine then, if you will, what it is saying that at your local game emporium a brand new still cellophane-wrapped copy of Celebrity Sports Showdown fetches only 3 GBP in trade."

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