Enhance Your Slaying Experience With Zombie Army 4’s New-Gen Upgrades

We’re delighted to be able to announce that Zombie Army 4 is getting New-Gen upgrades on both PlayStation and Xbox hardware!

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Noz31d ago

Started playing yesterday and i really like it, if it was first person it would be perfect!

TallDarknWavy30d ago

This just feels right with third person, you can see more of what's around you coming at you, that's why this is superior to FPS zombie games where you get hit from left right and behind with no visual cue to make it scarier, it's just frustrating.

IamTylerDurden131d ago

That's splendid news, especially since it was given on PS Plus. When is it coming?

Plenty of upgrades on PS5 lately. Ratchet, Wreckfest, Genshin, FFXIV.

TGGJustin30d ago

If you read the article it tells you that it's out now. Why do people go right to the comments to ask a question that was answered in the story?