Mass Effect Legendary Edition Changes - Original vs. Remastered Performance Preview

IGN : Mass Effect Legendary Edition changes are looking impressive in this early access footage provided by BioWare which takes a look at improved Mako controls, a revamped Noveria, and combat changes in the original Mass Effect. Referred to by fans as Mass Effect Remastered, this version of the game will take a look at the extensive changes in the original Mass Effect as well as some subtle changes in Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 within the Legendary Edition of the series.

neutralgamer19923d ago

Looks good I am really hoping all the content is on disk/disks and not any downloadable codes

CoNn3rB3d ago

I was gonna get this anyway because I love Mass Effect but damn do these visual improvements look great

Germaximus3d ago

the visual "upgrade" is so pathetic. still look forward to replaying it and all

Spartacus103d ago

Does the sprint actually make you go faster now or is it still only an illusion?

nickanasty2063d ago

I am overly excited to hop in to my favorite game trillogy of all time. Bring it on BioWare. Heres hoping that this helps breathe new life into Mass Effect so the series can be revived and we can continue to get the original trillogy quality in new iterations of the game.