Sea of Thieves Season 2 Begins on April 15; Trailer Teases New Content

Today Microsoft and Rare announced the start date for the new season of Sea of Thieves.

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gamer780431d ago

Doesn’t tell us anything but the date but can’t wait!

Snookies1231d ago

Anyone know if the PC port is pretty well optimized? Thinking about grabbing it on Steam. It's one of those games I never got to play, but was always interested in. Looks like a lot of fun with friends especially!

Highrevz31d ago

The PC port is fine, there’s not much wrong with the console version thinking about it. only issue I had on console was the load time after dying, it’s not an issue on PC even without an SSD.

I’d say take a months gamepass but you could just get a refund on steam if you didn’t like the game. It’s pretty unique as there’s nothing else quite like it, loads more content now but it’s always best played with friends.

Snookies1230d ago

Thanks for the info! I would have gotten Game Pass, but I'm still running Windows 7. So, unfortunately that isn't an option, without being on Windows 10. I'm just wary of getting a poorly optimized game, mainly because my PC is well overdue for an upgrade. It's capable, but if a game runs poorly on great rigs I usually steer clear.