Balan Wonderworld Flops in Japan, Selling Less Than 2,100 Copies

From PlayStation LifeStyle: "Balan Wonderworld has not had the best of receptions since its release and this has been reflected in its sale figures. According to @CartridgeGames on Twitter, the game sold less than 2,100 copies in Japan during its first week, completely missing the top 30 on the retail charts.

The game also completely missed the top 30 on the Nintendo eShop in both Japan and North America, as well as the top 40 in the UK retail charts. No PlayStation Store charts are available at the moment, but the story isn’t likely to be any different on PlayStation consoles either."

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Jin_Sakai6d ago

No it doesn’t. The game is awful.

Servbot415d ago

Basically. Square Enix put more money towards the cutscenes and paid metacritic user reviews than developing the game itself.

5d ago
isarai6d ago

The best way I can describe this game, is that it seems like a 2D concept, that would've actually fit pretty well in 2D, but forced to be a 3D game instead

ManMarmalade5d ago

I really like this description 👌

Relientk776d ago

Wow... well that's not good. I was planning on getting the game until I played the demo.

jambola6d ago

yeahhhh, that was this game downfall i think

FinalFantasyFanatic6d ago

Judging by the demo, the game was pretty awful, I was interested in this game but after I experienced what it would be like, nah, it's not a good game.

DaleCooper5d ago

I'm glad they did a demo, but I'm afraid its poor reception (because, quite frankly, it was bad) will keep more companies from wanting to release demos. I expect to see this game on Game Pass soon, to recoup some of its money.

ZeekQuattro6d ago

Can't believe Square thought people would pay $60 for this turd. Unbelievable. lol

Outlawzz6d ago

Exactly what I said, it's an insult to gamers tbh

someone726d ago

I bought it and my 5 year old has absolutely loved it.

I think square seriously over estimated their audience for this, and I dont think its gonna sell well at all.

However, it certainly does have an audience and for those, it’s worth full price.

Stanjara6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

I think you could have picked up a much better game for your 5 year old.

I would've had nightmares from characters and art graphics

Squall50055d ago

This game will be in the bargain bin within about 3 months.

gamerben6d ago

Played the demo. Not even a funny or charming bad game, just boring and buggy. Some of the art is cool, esp balan himself

Pyrofire956d ago

I hear the game changed a TON from the demo. Not saying it's GREAT now but better than the demo.
A demo in that state might have been the worst thing they could do.

jambola6d ago

the demo only released about 2 months ago so people probably didn'tt expect any change at all

FinalFantasyFanatic6d ago

Actually the art direction in this game is top tier, it's a pity it doesn't make up for everything else it's lacking though.

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