Respawn tells disgruntled Titanfall community "help is coming ASAP"

From Eurogamer: "Respawn has finally declared it is prepared to tackle long-running problems with Titanfall on PC.

In a tweet, the developer said "help is coming ASAP" in response to ongoing DDOS attacks that affect those trying to play the first-person shooter online."

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Highrevz42d ago

Why are people doing this? it sounds like more of an attack on the game rather then individual people.

FinalFantasyFanatic42d ago

Why the game though, it's not like alot of people are playing it, it takes me ages to get a match on this game these days.

Bobertt41d ago

I can only think of disgruntled players maybe. I know a lot of people wanted Titanfall 3 instead of Apex but Apex is like a separate thing now and gets all of Respawns attention so maybe in some retarded way they are trying to get them to come back to Titanfall.

Highrevz41d ago

This is a possibility definitely, I can’t say I’d agree with the movement but people do some strange things to raise attention.

BrockEmSockEm41d ago

Good, I still play this with my brother. Way more fun than Apex.