Boomtown Review: Kudos 2

Boomtown: "It's impressive how games allow people everywhere to experience things – at least without danger - otherwise out of their reach, and yet ultimately revert back to imitating the very thing that they were designed to distract you from. Games like Fable, The Sims or even Second Life, for example, pose a strong emphasis on integration into a world in which material propagation and commerce play an integral role in your character's progression through the story.

These types of games aren't impressive because they give the player the ability to recreate their own lives; it's the simulation of the opportunity to make choices they would never consider in reality that makes them alluring.

They can't, of course, give you an understanding of how that relationship you ended in year ten of High School would have played out had you not buckled under the pressure of premature commitment, but they do allow you to adopt a different perspective on your life – or at least facetiously emulate your own experiences. If I hadn't studied writing I expect I would've entered the field of science, and the fact you can give your digital creation such opportunities is rewarding in itself, but there's something inherently depressing about moulding what you perceive to be a perfect form of yourself."

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