80’s Anime-Inspired Runner Revealed for PC VR & PlayStation VR 2

No release date just yet.

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SullysCigar42d ago

PSVR2 is really racking up the catalogue now - the future is bright!

ApocalypseShadow41d ago

Yeah. It's crazy and it's not even officially announced. Just controllers. I still get this feeling that games like GTA 5 are going to be in VR in some capacity. My gut seems to keep saying that there will be a Spider-Man VR game launching besides GT 7 in its first year. But even Indie games like this and Low-Fi still impress me even if they're not fully optimized yet for PS5. I like its retro vibe this one is giving.

PSVR 2 is going to come out swinging hard. Gamers who thought VR was a gimmick or Sony was abandoning VR are choking on their own spit.

Chevalier40d ago

My man!

Spriggan would be amazing. So excited for the new anime. Could not believe it when I saw that.


Chevalier41d ago

These guys are fans of Akira with that bike. Nice touch cluing us in with Otomo on the bike.

ApocalypseShadow40d ago

Yeah. I'd kill for an Akira type game. This will have to do.

But then, I'd also kill for a Spriggan type game.