Vooks: Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Jedi Alliance Review

Vooks writes: "The Star Wars series hasn't really gone down well with fans as of late. The prequel films were really criticised by most film critics, while the recently released Clone Wars film also opened to less than stellar reviews. That being said, however, The Clone Wars animated television series has been well received by fans. With the recent Star Wars: The Force Unleashed performing quite favourably, Lucasarts saw room to create yet another set of Star Wars games, this time based on the succesful TV series, The Clone Wars. Lightsaber Duels is the Wii exclusive made by Australian development studio, Krome Studios, and is more of a multiplayer experience. Jedi Alliance, however, is a story based game that is developed by Lucasarts' recently opened Singapore studio. Jedi Alliance, exclusively for the DS, offers a lot to Star Wars fans but as a game, it only just passes."

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