Xbox Series S Was India’s Best-Selling Console in March 2021

We can’t believe it either. The Xbox Series S and Series X were India’s best-selling consoles in March 2021.

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darthv72297d ago

Once Sony is able to ramp up production, this will fade away but congrats to MS... for now.

Jin_Sakai297d ago

Microsoft is trying to ramp up production just as Sony is. It’s not a one way street.

darthv72297d ago

Oh no doubts there, but this little bit is the key reason for what i said:

"Now, by and large, India is PlayStation country. To the point where Sony openly admits to having 90 percent of the nation’s console market share."

So I fully expect things to go back to normal in India once stock is readily available. That isn't to say MS can't make inroads there, but given the history it just is to be expected that PS5 will be their market leader.

DJStotty296d ago

"but given the history it just is to be expected that PS5 will be their market leader."

Market leaders can change, you should never relax and ride previous successes, but capitalise on them.

Concertoine297d ago

I imagine the cheap entry point for the Series S combined with Game Pass makes the console very appealing to hardcore gamers without much in the way of disposable income.

I think many of us in the US and Europe scoff at the Series S and wonder its purpose - this might be it.

Orbilator296d ago (Edited 296d ago )

As somebody who owned one and immediately understood how underpowered it really is, so sold it asap and got the X, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone not even the most casual gamer. Any gamer who got this for Christmas must be crying there eyes out.
I just don't see any reason why the majority of gamers would even look at it to be honest. I'm not saying it's a bad console but it obvious to me that they discontinued the one X so quick to stop it looking a bit rubbish. Just can't find anyone with a genuine reason to have it

anubusgold296d ago (Edited 296d ago )

You are being silly for 1440P and 1080P with 120 fps the series s has plenty of power. This 4k crap is where the whole gaming industry has gone wrong. 2k with HDR 10 and raytracing at ultra detail will look better than a 4K game thats struggling to run, PC gamers have know this for years now. 4k isnt worth it if you have to kill detail and use moving resolutions and drop frame rate to achieve it thats what consoles are doing. These consoles have 2070 level of power they are not 4k ready they are using tricks and dynamic resolution to even run at a decent framerate thats just facts and it doesnt reach the 165 to 250 fps pc games can reach.

Orbilator296d ago

Anubusgold, guess you got one for Christmas too, whoops. Ah well that's what gumtree is for :) listen I played all the games that were optimized, Borderlands 3 was ropey at best, gears wasnt much better and destiny looked crap. I run 1440p 120hz on my series X as I did on my series s and it still immediately obvious , don't care what you say , I ran them both so I know.

anubusgold294d ago

@Orbilator I dont need any aussie website go kick the head off a baby you aussie. Im a pc gamer anyway .

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itsmebryan296d ago


Did you miss the bpart about when they explain "Gamepass " people buy the Xbox? Gamepass is a game changer. It's a great value for gamers.

No one can now say Xbox "Has no games!" They have more studios and now they even has games from a Sony studio on Gamepass day one at no extra charge. Microsoft learned a lot from their mistakes last generation and I think it will be a lot closer this generation.

anubusgold295d ago

@Orbilator Xbox doesnt have any games out that would push a RX 580 lol

DJStotty296d ago

"Once Sony is able to ramp up production"

Lol, no need to try and defend, this has nothing to do with Playstation.

gravedigger296d ago

Quote :

"So, Switch is competing with PS5, no sorry outselling PS5 ;D

See how easy it is to throw s%^t around the room?"

Actually it is not shit when buyer wants to buy a PS4 instead of XSS, but it is sold out. So, XSS is the LAST OPTION for gamers there.

DJStotty296d ago

No, people want a PS4, because they want a PS4, as people want a Series S because they want a Series S.

I would not go into a store, and want to buy a PS4, but walk out with an xbox.

P.S. surely if the shoppers are just buying a console for games and not exclusives, then the Series S would be the best option, whereas if they want exclusives, PS4 would be the best option.

Either way, fact is Series S was India's best selling console in march. If that annoys you, then i am sorry, that is a you problem.

Playstation is most of the time the best selling console in the UK, it does not make me mad, i congratulate them, because the end result is the other company's try harder to be better, and the results show.

296d ago
Imalwaysright296d ago (Edited 296d ago )

Maybe it will, maybe it won't considering the worldwide economic crisis caused by the pandemic. The price of the Series S compared to the price of the PS5 and the Series X + gamepass may entice a great deal of gamers especially in developing countries like India.

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RazzerRedux297d ago

“Most of them showed up to buy a PS4,” says one store executive on the condition of anonymity. “When we told them it was out of stock and explained to them what Game Pass is and how many games they get access to, they picked up a Series S instead.”

darthv72297d ago (Edited 297d ago )

The only time I would pick up something else is if i was also wanting that other item at some point. That is how i got the Series S instead of the Series X / PS5. I want all of them but I got what I was able to find at the time and will get the others later.

Otherwise if it is something I have in mind, and it is unavailable... I will try again later.

GamingSinceForever296d ago

Why would any want both a Series S and Series X? Sounds like BS to me but I digress.

darthv72296d ago (Edited 296d ago )

^i use the SS for all my digital xb/360/xbo/ss games and the series X for all my disc based xb/360/xbo/sx games. Why is that so hard to figure out? Plus i like to collect the systems.

GamingSinceForever296d ago (Edited 296d ago )

@Darth72 because the X can do everything that the S can and more rendering the S null and void.

Now if you simply like to collect the consoles that’s different. Sounds like a waste to me but it’s your money so that’s all that matters.

darthv72296d ago

@Gaming, oh i know it does. I dont game in one room. Before the SS i used a SAD for my digital stuff and i still have a One X in my game room. And when i get the Series X, I will replace the One X like I replaced the SAD with the SS.

westcoastcooldude296d ago

@GamingSinceForever6h I picked up both the Series X and Series S. I play on the Series X while my son plays on the Series S. The Series S is great second option for this type of scenario or if you wanted another cheaper console option in another room.

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AngelicIceDiamond297d ago

Until they figure out the S is not worth it in the long runs due to it being underpowered. Gamepass was the only savior for the S it seems.

IamTylerDurden1297d ago

S isn't worth it now. It has 364gb for gaming and if u upgrade your SSD storage u just spent the same as a Series X or $100 more than a PS5 DE.

It also runs some BC games at 900p native. It doesn't guarantee to hit 1080/60 on new games either.

It's not just a weaker GPU like some think. It has lower specs across the board. GPU, CPU, memory size and speed, storage size. I wonder how well 4tf, 10gb of slower ram, and 364gb storage will hold up a few years down the road when next gen games are more technically demanding? Better hope for DLSS. How long will u hold onto that 1080p tv when 50in 4Ks regularly go on sale at $200?

I just don't understand the willingness to spend hundreds on a next gen console without getting a full next gen experience. How do u jump into next gen with a console that's hugely under spec'd and failing to reach 1080/60 on certain games day one?

DJStotty296d ago


"I just don't understand the willingness to spend hundreds on a next gen console without getting a full next gen experience."

Because to get the full 4K @ 120fps experience, you need to shell out close to £900 for a TV with a HDMI 2.1 port with a 120hz panel, they are not cheap, sure you can get a cheap panel, but you will be limited to 50 or 60fps.

darthv72296d ago

@tyler, I have a 4tb game drive that holds all the non Series optimized games and on the internal SSD i have 6 optimized games installed. It isnt that hard to move one off to make room for another. Something current PS5 owners are more than likely familiar with right now as well.

Imalwaysright296d ago

Power has never been the most important selling point for console gamers and time and time again that's been proven by the best selling consoles in every generation, even last generation when the PS4 easily outsold the more powerful PS4 pro. If the S manages to run upcoming next gen games at 1080p/30 fps I wouldn't be at all surprised if it outsold the X by a wide margin.

Petebloodyonion296d ago

paying only 25$ per month for a complete solution can be appealing for a lot of ppl.
Is your phone the most powerful phone available on the market or the one given for free with a subscription?
Now just remember that the majority of ook don't care about playing at 4K /60 frames /exclusives /console war
they just like the idea of playing the newest gamest without going to the market.

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gravedigger297d ago

So, XSS is competing with PS4. :D

DJStotty296d ago

So, Switch is competing with PS5, no sorry outselling PS5 ;D

See how easy it is to throw s%^t around the room?

296d ago
gravedigger296d ago


Competing with PS4 in sales, not in specs

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Knightofelemia297d ago

I would have just saved the cash and bought a Series X and not waste my cash on a machine with half the specs. But hey it's your money you do what you want with it.

Darkborn297d ago

About a third the TF actually, but yeah I agree.

rockwhynot297d ago (Edited 297d ago )

Saved cash? What is this concept you write of? I'm American btw.

NeoGamer232296d ago

First, it is not half the specs.

Second, if you don't have a 4K TV, then why would you waste money on the XSX? This is just a money smart decision for people that do not have and do not intend to buy a 4k TV anytime soon.

Knightofelemia296d ago (Edited 296d ago )

What is a better buy an F150 with a V8 more horse power or an F150 with a 4 cylinder engine in it?

NeoGamer232296d ago

If you are not towing a large amount then a 4 cylinder would be more cost effective both in purchasing and ongoing costs. It really depends on what you intend to tow/haul.

Silly gameAr297d ago

Proof that xbox is KILLING IT right there.

Thundercat77296d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if your you guys now India will suddenly be the most important market in the world.

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