Looking back to 2016 and the unfulfilled potential of Quantum Break

James writes - "When a game is surrounded by a ton of hype, there’s often a sense of disappointment at release upon realisation that expectations haven’t been met. Unfortunately for the 2016 offering of Quantum Break, the developers behind it - Remedy - were not only held to high regard by the gaming masses, but the exciting time-traveling game with an interwoven live-action TV series within also showed promise of being a real game-changer. As if it didn’t need any further pressure, Quantum Break would be an Xbox console exclusive - a tag which carries a huge weight. Now, five years on, I wanted to explain how despite not living up to its full potential, Quantum Break is still very good and there’s plenty of enjoyment to be garnered from the experience."

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darthv7240d ago

This is one that I would love to see Remedy apply a 60fps patch to. Or at least MS can enable the FPS boost for it.

gamer780440d ago

It’s a great game with a horrible last boss fight

Rude-ro40d ago

Would need a lot of work via the 720p interlacing and motion blur for the 30fprs.

It would look far superior if they updated it for sure.

Magog40d ago

Remedy wanted to make Alan Wake 2. Microsoft insisted they make a damn TV show.

darthv7240d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Not quite. Remedy did shop AW2 around after MS decided to pass on it. Nobody was interested so they pitched the idea of QB and MS accepted that. MS didnt insist on anything for this. They only gave them the $$ to do what they wanted.

Magog40d ago

You disagreed with me and then repeated what I said in different words. You don't think MS gave them feedback for the kind of game they wanted? This was during their TV TV TV era when they thought having TV picture in picture with games was what everyone wanted.

stiggs40d ago

Do you have citations, links or any type of evidence to back up this claim?

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Ausbo40d ago

The tv show part of quantum break was not the issue with the game

Petebloodyonion40d ago

@Magog MS you are partly right
When Remedy asked for Alan Wake 2 MS wasn't sold on the idea but allowed them to do American Nightmare to see how it would fare (a lot of the ideas from the Alan wake 2 demo were recycled for American Nightmare).
Remedy asked again but MS favored Quantum Break.

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Espangerish40d ago

The unfulfilled potential of Xbox exclusives sadly...let’s hope they turn it around this gen.

Automatic7940d ago (Edited 40d ago )

I don't think there was unfulfilled potential. I would say the game was ahead of it's time. A very good game. I would add, the only thing holding this game back was the toxic discourse stemming from the launch of Xbox One, not to mention the discussion around graphics i.e. temporal reconstruction and resolution. I enjoyed the game and would love to see Remedy visit a sequel. Imagine Quantum Break 2 on Xbox Series X/S.

Atticus_finch40d ago

The only thing toxic was the way MS advertised and lied about xone. Worst yet was the way xboys overhyped the game to death. Apart from that the game scored scored as expected, average.

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giovonni40d ago

Summed it up beautifully. I enjoyed it, as specially the second play through and watching the live action watching it from the protagonist perspective was a good touch. Lime you said it was ahead of its time and attached to the toxic issues of the one.

Flewid63840d ago

There are only 2 Microsoft games I ever enjoyed....this is one of em.

But I'm a PlayStation gamer and it felt like a PlayStation game, so I can see why it didnt appeal to the tastes of the Xbox community.

Kavorklestein39d ago

It wasn't well supported, which is a shame, cuz it's actually a good game.

The lore, audio logs and datapads added lots of fun to the story side of the the game. And the live actions sequences actually were good in the right state of mind and context.

Flewid63839d ago (Edited 39d ago )

It's undoubtedly one of my top favorite games, I played it on Steam. That third-person, story-driven world stigma that PlayStation games have, while true, are games I enjoy thoroughly. So to see MS take a stab at it was exciting.

Such a shame it wasn't embraced, a sequel would've been nice, but at least we got Control which was also amazing.

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