PitbullMonster790d ago

Nice, gonna try Marvels Avengers.

Newmanator790d ago (Edited 790d ago )

I might too. Is it 4K 60fps on consoles?

VenomUK790d ago (Edited 790d ago )

Marvels Avengers! I'm genuinely shocked. I wasn't too fussed about paying full wack but included free with my subscription and I will definitely give it a try. And Borderlands 3. Absolutely a good month.

parkesy78790d ago

No this only for the ps4 versions you need to purchase ps5 version seperatly

NeoGamer232789d ago

Time to try Avengers out and see how it really is. I quite enjoy my PSNow subscription.

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Jay767790d ago (Edited 790d ago )

I don’t like these renter game services these type of services could be the death of gaming. because I’m starting to see more people depending on these services to much and not really buying games which could be problematic in the future

darthv72790d ago

Renting is just a low cost point of entry for many who are either uncertain or cant afford to buy new releases at retail. Especially with changes in the way returns are done. Renting has been around a really long time and it hasn't hurt the industry and in many ways has made it stronger. If someone likes what they have rented, there is a good chance they will buy to own.

VenomCarnage89790d ago

Got any stats to back that up darth, or is that just what you personally assume? Anecdotally, I don't know anyone that buys the games available on game pass. They play them on there until they get tired of it and then they move on without ever buying the game. I'd be genuinely blown away if the majority of gamers use these services in the way you have just described. I'd be surprised if even as many as 20% of gamers use the service that way

darthv72790d ago

Sorry venom, only my own personal experience. I have bought more games after having tried them in GP than I was before. I tend to start off playing them from GP and then searching for the physical copy (if available). Games i have bought because of GP would include:
Bloodstaind (physical)
Streets of Rage 4 (physical)
Falconeer (physical)
Ace Combat 7 (physical)
Blazing Chrome (digital but have been looking for physical version)
Xeno Crisis (digital for xbox and physical for the evercade)
Hot Shots Racing (physical)
SW Squadrons (physical)

I like owning physical versions of games, and GP has allowed me to play some and see if they are worth my effort to track down physical copies. I know i am not the only one who has bought games after having tried them in GP.

AngelicIceDiamond790d ago

@Venom "Got any stats to back that up darth, or is that just what you personally assume?"

What "stats" does he need? Renting has been around how long? Just shy of 40 years? If ppl can choose a cheaper alternative to play a game or try out a game they never played they will, with a chance of buying it if it's worth it. If ppl can save money where they can they will. That's why theres blockbuster, Hollywood video, Gamefly Netflix renting etc through out the years. It's no secret these alternatives are needed in the entertainment space. You think ppl are always just willing to shell out 50 to now 70$ with out question. Or just buy a bunch of blue ray movies they've never seen no, ppl don't just do that in most cases.

"They play them on there until they get tired of it and then they move on without ever buying the game."

Speaking of stats you have any stats to back up that claim?

SpineSaw790d ago (Edited 790d ago )

Wow! So you pay for GamePass to use games as a Beta or a demo to get a trail run and if you like it then you go buy it? Why in hell would you do this in the age of YouTube, Twitch and other sites that will give you a look at games and most games offer a Demo or a invite only Beta. Kinda a waste of money IMO.

darthv72789d ago

^spine, I do watch youtube but still you cant experience a game just by watching it. sometimes you have to play it yourself. And you missed the part where i said I will buy games in physical if they are available. Because... you know... you don't own the games in gamepass. You can buy them in gamepass or you can buy them in physical (again, if available).

VenomCarnage89788d ago (Edited 788d ago )

@angelic do you know what "anecdotal" means? That's basically all I have to say to your rant that was 98% irrelevant to what I was saying in the first place

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AngelicIceDiamond790d ago

I think it depends on the game. Live service games like Marvel's Avengers would benefit from PSN+ considering it's wavering fanbase and giving the game away could bring in new players. While games like Anthem is dead no matter where u put it. PSN+ PSNOW or GWG or gamepass won't matter since the game is in a graveyard and devs are no longer supporting it.

Renting or giving out certain types of games where user numbers are far more important. I can see how renting would come in handy for that.

Edgelordsupreme790d ago

Yes my local video store was the death of games and movies.

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Lexreborn2790d ago

I have gamepass and psnow. But I bought avengers and outriders, if anything the services have saved me money from buying more games I don’t play and just trt

n1kki6790d ago

Nobody is stopping you from buying any of these games. It's not like they would head this direction if it was less profitable

frostypants790d ago (Edited 790d ago )

I'm also not a fan of the model, but if it becomes a real issue you'll see the price of the services increase as publishers demand more in return.

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