GameStop's Chrono Trigger Reminiscent of Napoleon Dynamite

GameStop's product description for Chrono Trigger DS isn't quite how the original SNES version was. Unless there was always a subplot where Crono wanted to time travel to 1982 in order to throw a football over some mountains to win the state championship.

Is this the fabled Rico Trigger?

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GameCyteSean3702d ago

And at the end of the Napoleon Dynamite quest, we can have Alya, Frog and Robo sprites dancing to Strong Bad's The System is Down.

KidMakeshift3701d ago

Talk about major spoiler, lol

3701d ago
NMC20073701d ago

I lol'd hard.

cactuschef3701d ago

GameStop would do some sh1t like this. I swear GameStop was established to mess with gamers, and exploit poor fools.