What a thrill: MGS3’s famous ladder scene gets fan remake

A 3D artist has recreated Metal Gear Solid 3's iconic ladder scene with modern visuals, running in realtime on the Unreal Engine.

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Nyxus412d ago

Makes me wish this was something official...

RumbleFish410d ago

The one game that needs to be remade in my opinion.

Nyxus410d ago

It's just getting weird how much Konami seems to be ignoring this series. They didn't even bother to release the HD Collection on current gen systems (which are last gen by now), you would think that would require a minimal investment.

SDuck410d ago

I think they're shying away from the series fully knowing they'll get more hate from Kojima fans

Nyxus410d ago

@ SDuck: Maybe, but they're still releasing Metal Gear merchandise, so they might as well release the games. A lot of people would like that.

chicken_in_the_corn409d ago

Metal Gear 1&2 need it far more

RumbleFish409d ago (Edited 409d ago )

Maybe they all need to be remade, but since MGS 3 was the most polished and allready modernized game in the series (Subsistence), i think it would be the one more prone to be remade as close to the original outof these games.
Plus I found it the best of all the MGS games. But that's just my personal preference.

DaReapa409d ago

Wow. This makes me want to dig up my old copy of Subsistence.