Has Battle Royale Fatigue Finally Arrived?

Battle royale games like Fortnite, Warzone, and Apex Legends are still very popular—but gamers just might be starting to lose interest.

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MetroidFREAK21417d ago

I'm still heavily invested in Apex Legends. However it's the only BR I play

Antnee534417d ago

Im in the same boat as you I only play apex

outsider1624417d ago

Something about Apex isn't it. The guns, the legends themselves, their ultimates, and the movement is just so much fun. And its free..

demonseye417d ago

most battle royal games are free. i think PUBG is the only paid one.

Storm23417d ago

Apex is the only BR I play as well. I was playing a ridiculous amount for the first 7 seasons. This season not as much. I really miss World's Edge. Hoping Season 9 legend will be better than Fuse and that World's Edge is back in rotation.

sourOG417d ago

No. I never liked them but it’s the kind of mindless shit most gamers enjoy. The replay value I mean, the grind.

Profchaos417d ago

Yeah I could never understand spending a large chunk of time grinding resources only to have to battle it out with 100 others likely die and do it all again which can take 20 to 45 minutes a match.

Sarcasm417d ago

I'm not a huge BR player, but it's more fun with friends (like most mp games.)

We also tend to switch to other modes to shake it up.

sourOG417d ago

We are all guilty of the grind in some form. I just never got into that mode. I’d much rather play a co-op game like left 4 dead or fighting games with my friends. I haven’t truly enjoyed a team based shooter since gears 2 lol.

UltraNova416d ago (Edited 416d ago )

In COD Warzone you can get your loadout in a matter of minutes and the only thing you need in terms of floor loot is just one good gun that you can find in seconds. Then you have Gulag and your team keep can keep reviving you as long as they have the money.

I'm not saying Warzone is better than PUBG and Apex, just that it eliminates some of the BR grind and ultimately frustration.

417d ago
Espangerish417d ago

Repetitive and dull for me. Not enough there to justify an entire game in its own right...more a multiplayer mode to bolt onto an actual game.

waverider417d ago

I dont think so. Battle Royale games got their market.

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The story is too old to be commented.