Bloodborne Kart Meme Becomes a Reality Thanks to New Fan-Made Project

A racing game based on FromSoftware's popular action title is clearly something that would never actually come to fruition, one group of fans decided to make it a reality.

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isarai41d ago

Joke aside, this is ridiculously well made, from the music to the track design it's amazing. Also whoever made the track really gets that era of music, dat slap bass is so nostalgic

AnotherGamer41d ago

You must be fun at parties.

Nofamboyism41d ago

lol, haha dude i just wrote my opinion and got like all disagrees. I didn’t mean it in a bad way, we can’t exactly play it so hence to me it’s like why even bother that’s all. Plus it’s not exactly mindblowing graphics.

roadkillers41d ago

This didn't really catch my goat either. It's for the people that enjoy Souls games. Demon Souls was my game and lost interest after Dark Souls 1. After I beat the two games, I had no ambitions left to keep playing.

Making games isn't easy, I went through 3 years of game design classes before changing my major to Business Information Technologies. Congrats on what looks like a creative and playable game!

Hikoran40d ago

@Nofamboyism it's a ps1 demake...

isarai40d ago

UGH! i know right? Why would someone use their talents to make some levity and make people smile? /s