Why you should be playing EverQuest II: Crafting

Massively: "An accusation that gets leveled at MMOs a lot is that they're too violent. Most people who play videogames have sort of a laissez' faire attitude towards roughing up virtual baddies, and rightly so. It's all make-believe, after all. The problem is that this 'bonking out the baddies' gameplay is the bread and butter of the online gaming trope. All you do, in a lot of these games, is endlessly kill critters, bad guys, monsters, and demons for hours on end. Not only can it get repetitive, it's all a bit ... unseemly?

That's why I love the crafting in EverQuest II (EQ2) from SOE. It's an integrated system that gets you out of the killing fields and challenges you without putting you in a morally questionable situation. Read on for a quickie crafting system explanation and notes on why building things up can be a ton of fun."

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