Immortals Fenyx Rising dev on Zelda: Breath of the Wild comparisons

Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Immortals Fenyx Rising have their fair share of similarities, which fans have been quick to point out.

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Community978d ago
iplay1up2978d ago

Rising is more fun by a long shot. Yes I loved BOTW when I first played it. This game builds on that, and does it better. BOTW2 better step it up!

King_Noctis977d ago

So this should have won GOTY as well then? Since it is "more fun by a long shot".

CaptainHenry916977d ago

Yup why not? I forgot Zelda is more popular and a trademark

neutralgamer1992977d ago


Winning GOTY is a popularity contest simple as that. Zelda was over height and now if people look at it from an objective point of view they do see issues with it. But are in such time that if anybody has any sort of criticism even if valid people especially Fanboys don't want to listen to it

Look at the list of games that got perfect scores from 2000- 2010 and look at the games that have gotten perfect scores from 2011 till present, now the number has doubled if not tripled. When there's a true Blockbuster game people expect 10 out of 10 simple as that and that used to be not the case

A lot of games that get the perfect scores are missing one key factor Fun

Any game that gets below a 9 is considered not worth it

PCgamer98978d ago

I'm in the minority as well but tbh I like this game more than botw.

stupidusername978d ago

Fenyx was a good game, but I have many gripes with it. It’s extremely repetetive, it’s a checklist game, the comedy is pretty bad, but it has a few highlights, enemies are way too spongy and a lot of the puzzles are unimaginative. But it is a fun game, and I hope it gets a sequal so it can improve.

That said BoTW is on another level imo. (Except for story. BoTWs story sucked pretty hard)

senorfartcushion977d ago (Edited 977d ago )

Immortals’ HuD too. Yikes.

TheGreatGazoo30977d ago

I just turned the hub to minimal at the start and then off once I got familiar... Like all games.

Outlawzz977d ago

I like the puzzles better than BoW honestly. I hated the dungeons and shrines in BoW after a while. BotW, to me, didn't feel like Zelda. It was missing that flair and didn't have much to do besides turn a rock over for korok seeds or the shrines. They did definitely nail the overall ambience of the world though but it still has a lot that could be improved.

Fenyx rising has more variety than Zelda with things to do in the world between Hermes challenges, lyre challenges, puzzles, mosaic paintings, loot searching, etc. To me BotW is far from "another level" but of course if your a big fan of Zelda that automatically places it at the top for a fan. I'm a fan of Zelda and have played every game multiple times but I don't include any bias when comparing it objectively to other games. I think they did a good job with Fenyx and it's inspiration and hope for a sequel.

Zhipp977d ago

I'm getting sick of people dismissing praise for BOTW as just coming from blind fanboys. As though the only reason you could love the game is if you're blinded by love for Zelda as a whole. Or, perhaps worse, that it's impossible to be critical of a new entry iin a franchise if you've enjoyed the previous tiitles.

BoTW was a huge departure from every Zelda released in the past 20 years. Most Zelda fans liked it it spite of that. Tons of newcommers who had never played a Zelda game before in their lives loved it too. Yes, the game has its flaws -- every game does, but for many of us, the game's strengths far outshined its shortcomings. If it didn't do it for you, then fine. Not every game appeals to everyone. But don't go around using that ridiculous strawman to try and elevate your own opinion as more objective or sincere than those who actually did love the game.

Outlawzz976d ago


I thought BotW was a great game, but it was missing a certain essence from past Zelda games. Seems you were triggered by the comment as a fan because you really liked it lol

Don't get sick of people's dismissals, it's not that serious. We all have different opinions.

Your comment, ironically, comes off as a fanboy. I stated BotW had great ambience and tone but needed help in other areas.
The main point was that I enjoyed Fenyx puzzles more and it had more things to do. I was strictly comparing puzzles and activities. I could give a list of all BotW does that's better than Fenyx rising but that's beside the point I was trying to make.

Zhipp976d ago

Your first paragraph is exactly my point. I don't understand how you can say that people liked the game "because Zelda" when the game was lacking so much of the "essential" Zelda formula.

Actually, i thought your comment was the best critical comment I've seen about botw on this site. I understood where you were coming from, and, though I don't entirely agree with your opinion, i can completely appreciate it. Puzzles in BOTW absolutely pale in comparison to previous Zelda games. Most of them were quite bland. There's a ton that can be improved in the sequel. I haven't played phoenix rising, but if the puzzles are any good at all the chances are they'll be better than most of what was featured in BOTW.

What triggered me was your assumption that a Zelda fan would automatically place BOTW above everything else. It's a common fallacy people tend to lean on when criticizing popular things. As opposed to letting their opinion stand on its own merits, they attempt to discredit the general consensus with some backhanded comment. It hurts debate, and, especially in the case of your comment, is totally unnecessary. You made good points. There was no need to try and explain away other people's opinions. Let them do that themselves.

Rachel_Alucard977d ago

Sounds like an almost copy pasted description of Assassins creed Odyssey. But you can take it even further because of the Ancient greek setting and gear system.

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SurgicalMenace978d ago

Breath of the Wild was boring, comparatively. It was the PG version of every game it borrowed from, with no story, combat was outdated, and it only used the Zelda name to get a pass for its lazy outing. I know....the physics.🙄

senorfartcushion977d ago

It doesn’t sound like you plaster the game.

senorfartcushion977d ago

Played?* Really bad autocorrect

SurgicalMenace976d ago

Didn't play passed my boredom, as stated before it didn't hold my attention. I'm not one of those gamers that pretend that well known games are good because they have a long history. Zelda was one of my main reasons to purchase a Nintendo system next to Metroid, but this outing just left a poor taste in my mouth.

Since Twilight Princess Nintendo has utterly stolen the ideas of other games without shame. It is crazy because the same thing happened in the music industry in the 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s, bit at least then they were forward about it. It's like people believe BOTW was good because they're not willing to play anything outside of Nintendo games.

Playing games for years, of course there are going to be inspirations drawn from other games but damn for one to praised for doing a poorer job than those it borrowed from. BOTW was a very simplistic version of an action RPG after playing the likes of The Witcher, Horizon, or the like. I own the game and have given it a try, so this is coming from experience. Nintendo got my money so hopefully they use it to make a better outing next time. If they can refrain from re-releasing older versions for full price....🤷🏾‍♂️

senorfartcushion977d ago (Edited 977d ago )

Totally ripped it off except they made the most streamlined, elegant and beautiful aspects of BOTW’s gameplay systems worse, the combat more grindy and the story more childish.

It’s an entry into the Starlink toys to life game series (well, it was meant to be) and primarily aimed at kids, but so it Zelda.

Outlawzz977d ago

I disagree and "ripped off" is a terrible way to describe art in general. Everyone borrows from one another, it's the only way progress is made so it's a useless point.

Breath of the wild wasn't very good as far as Zelda games go. I feel immortals took the BoW elements and improved them significantly.

Puzzles are much more entertaining than Zelda's which get super repetitive. Combat is loads better with all the powers and variety, and no breaking equipment. Traversal is much quicker, And the story throws in comedic elements which I appreciate, both games aren't winning any awards for narrative.

Their both great games imo. Zelda is slower and more methodical. Immortals is faster with more variety.

Doesn't seem you gave Immortals an unbiased playthrough, it sounds like you probably haven't played it much if at all. I'm not sure what to make of the starlink point, they are completely different games.