Retrospective: The American Arcade (Part Three)

GameCyte's look back at the glory days of arcade gaming takes a visit "underground," telling tales about the forbidden nature of the dark haunts of yesteryear. Using Mortal Kombat as a parable for game secrets and the shared knowledge of gamer culture, the author writes about his induction into the ranks of the arcade in-crowd.

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GameCyteSean3701d ago

Not as jam-packed as this, certainly, but the San Jose State University basement has SFIV machines and plenty of ping-pong to compliment its pool hall and bowling alley.

No student ID required, just a willingness to mingle with college kids... and the prices can't be beat.

ahnonamis3701d ago

I've been enjoying this series. I used to love going to arcades back in the day, so it's fun to be reminded of what used to be.

Never knew colleges had such big arcades, though.