The Death of (Video Game) Criticism

From Kotaku: "Famed movie critic Roger Ebert has a fascinating piece up on his Sun-Times website about the death of film criticism and rise of the "CelebCult".

In it he blames America's (in particular America's newspapers') fascination in the trivial and trite when it comes to pop culture and celebrity, for the death of more thoughtful analysis and prose in newspapers.

Film critics, he says, are the canaries in the coal mine of America's newspapers. Having worked in newspapers for a fraction of Ebert's career in print, both as a news writer and a feature writer, I was both deeply touched by his analysis and a little put off.

I hate to say this, but Ebert is just noticing something that has been going on for years. Perhaps it's just come to his notice because he is walled away in the sacrosanct tower of not just criticism, and film criticism at that, but as THE film critic. Perhaps he never took notice of those fighting this same good fight over a lifetime of dailies, blurbs and briefs in America's news sections."

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