Nintendo Switch Outsells Game Boy Advance

The Nintendo Switch has outsold the lifetime sales of the Nintendo Game Boy Advance (GBA), according to VGChartz estimates.

The Switch sold 474,488 units for the week ending March 20, 2021 to bring its lifetime sales to 81.69 million units. This compares to the GBA with sales of 81.51 million units. The figure for the Switch includes the combined sales of the original Switch model and the Switch Lite.

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ManMarmalade39d ago

They can be real if you actually do research.

39d ago
iplay1up239d ago

Sure they are. Switch is the only console Nintendo has right now.

Sgt_Slaughter39d ago

Why, because you don't want to accept it? If you're going to call them out and say "these numbers aren't real" then prove it/explain your reasoning, otherwise move on.

DEEHULK8839d ago

I don't care if the Switch passes GBA but I know that their numbers pretty much amount to guesses and then they adjust to what the NPD data says. These have never been official numbers and no company from Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft has ever used them. I have had nice time with both systems. The sites just gives fans numbers that they can talk about. The NPD even dissed them years ago.

jznrpg39d ago

They put their handheld market and console market into one . A cheap option also makes these makes these numbers easier to obtain .199 is cheap compared to next consoles . But the parts they use are old NVidia Shield rejects so it should be a lot cheaper really . It’s nice for a handheld , a bit too clunky for sure and not the greatest battery life . I don’t care for it much being a console it’s way too weak for that . The biggest problem I have with Nintendo is they aren’t taking advantage of their huge install base and releasing a bunch of games . They are relying on old games and ports of PS4 games that don’t look very good for the most part. They do have a great game now and a while unlike Xbox who hasn’t had much in a decade , it should be more than 2-3 games a year . Their library is crap compared to 3DS . Thehandheld option is why this sold well at all. If it was a console only it would have bombed . It’s been 4 years now and a few good games but not enough especially considering how much money they are making . I do think an upgrade is coming and hopefully they are saving the games for that but I think they are happy making money with little software effort . I hope to be wrong and they have a bunch of games coming but they haven’t said anything . I also think they may ditch the of Switch altogether since it is so weak because they won’t be able to make the games work on a Tegra1x Shield SoC . It’s selling very well but they aren’t bringing the games like they should be .

DEEHULK8839d ago

Switch is about to win a gen for Nintendo again and you are pissed about it. Just face it

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P_Bomb39d ago

The clam shell GBAsp was so awesome. I had an original GBA too without the backlight, but never looked back after the sp.