ZTGD Review - Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

Catastrophe writes:

"Light on platforming and heavy on vehicle creation Banjo-Kazooie is broken down into a series of challenges with the potential to delight if the faithful stick with it long enough to learn the ins-and-outs of Nuts and Bolts. In the time since their last bout of adventuring Banjo and Kazooie have grown lazy, fat and generally immobile. Gruntilda has remained very decapitated, yet manages a revival of sorts. Immediately following Grunty's dubious cranium-only return, Lord of Games (a.k.a. LOG) appears and demands that bear, bird and Grunty compete in his video game gauntlet to mark a final end of the quibbling, rhyming madness. Really, LOG exists as an imperialistic segue from the Banjo of yore to the newly fashioned Banjo.

Lacking their old powers - which they harp on about - Banjo and Kazooie receive an impromptu physique makeover from LOG, Grunty gains a body, and they are warped directly into a new hub world: Showdown Town. From Showdown Town you travel to myriad worlds to win Jiggies to unlock yet more worlds. With 100-plus Jiggies and nearly 2000 musical notes (the currency) there's no lack of the vast, with a definite lack of variety. The gameplay is very free-for-all and tailored to those with attention brevity problems. Jumping forward to new worlds far ahead of earlier ones is fine and well, keeps things from feeling overly guided, and has that pleasant sensation that only choosing your own pace can afford."

+ Vehicle creation and strategy
+ Physics
+ Media uploads
- Frame-rate woes
- Lots of time for any pay-off

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