How Sony Used to be The Gold Standard for Backward Compatibility

Sony may not seem interested in backward compatibility in recent years, but PlayStation consoles were once the gold standard for the feature.

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darthv7279d ago

I personally like it when a newer platform is able to play previous games from the same platform holder. I did it with Genesis playing Master System and even 7800 playing 2600. And in many cases the older games get a nice little bit of improvements by the virtue of newer hardware. Playing Wii on a WiiU yields improved clarity just like playing Gamecube on a Wii unlocks progressive mode without having to get those uber pricey component cables.

when it comes to Sony, Im pretty sure they got plans for all of their previously digitized content. They just aren't ready to reveal it to us yet.

bouzebbal78d ago

I don't like backward compatibility for 2 reasons 1 the console is more expensive due to this 2 I prefer the console to deliver only next gen experiences..

It's so rare I go back to play previous gen games..

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neutralgamer199278d ago


Would love to play ps3 games on ps5

darthv7278d ago

Playing RR7 at locked 60fps in upscaled 4k on a PS5 would be awesome seeing as there was no newer RR for the 8th generation.

dumahim78d ago

How does a console deliver next-gen experiences? Does it use power from the future cloud?

MrSwankSinatra78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

okay 1. wait for price drop and 2. no console has ever delivered "only next gen" experiences.

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343_Guilty_Spark78d ago

It's called PS NOW and remasters

darthv7278d ago

Personally I generally buy remasters if they are done as compilations. Like R&C collection on PS3 was HD remaster compilation of the PS2 games. I can still play my original PS2 games on the PS3 but the collection was a better deal overall.

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Thundercat7779d ago

BC is a good to have feature to have at the start of a generation as it allows to play your current catalog while new next gens are coming. Now, should BC be your main feature on your system while lacking on new IPs and big new games? No, and that's why Playstation has maintained its leader position in the market by releasing hits after hits and not relying heavily on an old game catalog.

As long as there is a flow of new exiting games coming, I don't have to focus on playing old games.

JustTheFax78d ago

What big new PS5 exclusives have you been playing?

Rude-ro78d ago

The only other competitor in said console strength has gone over ten years making any solid or new AAA game..
That is a decade..
And you are concerned with the first months of the ps5 for the Microsoft paid for reverse compatibility “issue” since not only Microsoft went over a decade with said games, but they STILL have nothing coming anytime soon.
This is a stupid argument being that everyone in the industry has dealt with these issues.

JustTheFax78d ago

@Rude-ro There's the deflection and excuses. I'm not talking about microsoft right now. I didn't even bring them up. I want to know what NEW exciting PS5 exclusives they have been playing recently that have been flowing out. That is all. I want to see if I missed something so I can boot up my PS5 and play it.

TheRealTedCruz78d ago

The glorified tech demo that is Astro, and the PS3 remake? Ooh, yeah, Bugsnax exists ..

- actual PS5 owner.

JustTheFax78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

@TheRealTedCruz haha true. Even Bugsnax is on PS4 & PC though. Destruction AllStars is exclusive, but I played it for about 10 mins and got bored. Deleted it to make room for more PS4 games. I can't believe they were going to charge $70 for that!

RauLeCreuset78d ago

LOL. Y'all funny. You would be hyping to death that "glorified tech demo" if it was on your preferred console. Let alone being given away for free. Let's not even get into the "PS3 remake" salt. You look silly trying to downplay the PS5 lineup as nothing when your preference is offering less than nothing. Maybe they should have launched with a remake of a 360 Halo title, since that's what they're desperate to replicate anyway.

P_Bomb78d ago

Man some of you don’t seem to like anything. Why even buy a console someone else would be much happier with?

TheRealTedCruz78d ago


Good try, my man; but I haven't cared enough to own an Xbox since the 360, though I did buy a PS4 Pro and PS5.
Shows you for what you are - a fanboy. You assume someone who would even dare to criticize Sony must hate them and love Xbox.
I'm just mature enough to view things fairly. No bias had.
Xbox dropped the ball last gen when it came to 1st party releases and bringing value to the brand.
Since then they've acquired many great developers, own the most popular games subscription service, and have done a great job at supporting BC on their platform.
Yet the fanboys of this site try to spin everything.
Despite MS highly investing in 1st party projects, having many games in the works, you claim they have nothing to show. All the while the PS5, itself, also had a pathetic launch lineup, and you only brag about what's coming.
MS supports BC well, for generations now, and it's nothing but "lol they only have old games" comments, despite it being a highly pro consumer move.
Gamepass becomes highly popular, is highly pro consumer, and it's nothing but "it devalues the product", and other idiotic takes meant to delegitimize what's being had with the service.

So much immaturity to be had. Go like what you like, but grow up and accept there can be criticism aimed at your precious plastic box at times.

WelkinCole78d ago

5 PS gen and you people never learn. Sony and exclusive hits is their thing. Its only a few months in this gen sparky

RauLeCreuset78d ago


Good try, my man. I said I said you prefer it, not that you own it. See, unlike some people on this site, I absolutely believe some of you are hypocritical enough to fanboy for one console while crapping on the one that you aren't about to stand by your rhetoric to miss out on. That doesn't impress me. That just makes you look like a hypocrite and, particularly in the case of the PS5, an uninformed consumer. You're crapping on the launch lineup of a product you claim to own as if the lineup comes as some surprise you weren't aware of before you bought the thing.

Shiken77d ago


Both Gears 4 and 5 were great, just as good as anything Sony put out. Forza and Forza Horizon have been killing it, and Halo 5 (while strayed a bit) was Still not a bad game by any means. All of these were great.

Sea of Thieves is a new IP, and while it had a rough start, it turned into something great and has a huge healthy player base. Recore also saw a rough release. But the more polished Definitive Edition has seen a lot of praise as well. Just because the media slept on this fact does not mean they are bad games.

There are a number of reasons behind the scenes that fueled some of the mistakes MS made last gen, but the people who made them are no longer working at XBox. Phil has had an up hill fight, and we are just now starting to see the fruits of his labor. MS is all in now, and their actions show it. Instead of trying to downplay, how about be happy for competition doing well in the industry. PS would not be what it is today without being pushed by the 360, and XBox would not be making these changes without the PS4.

JustTheFax77d ago

Geez, the depths that you fanboys will go to whiteknighting for your favorite piece of plastic is absolutely hilarious. Sorry that the truth hurts you guys! Don't take it personal. haha You can't even tell me what NEW PS5 games you are playing without badmouthing the competition any chance you get. Here's the answer, you aren't playing them because they don't exist right now.

r2oB77d ago

@ justthefax

I’m not sure what your counter-point to his statement is. What’s the point of asking what new PS5 exclusives he’s playing if he said BC is good for the beginning of the generation to play older games while current gen games are coming, which is exactly where we are at being only six months into the generation; playing PS4 games (like Ghost of Tsushima and TLoU2 which came out less than a year ago) while we wait for more PS5 games (Spider-Man MM, Godfall, and Demons Souls are current PS5 games). Sony could have been scumbags and abandoned the PS4 and made their games PS5 launch games, but they didn’t. Now if we’re were longer into the generation or if they hadn’t been constantly releasing exclusives each year last gen, you might have a point.

JustTheFax77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

@r2oB Well then read it and reread it again until it sinks in. I can't help with your reading comprehension. Spiderman MM is a PS4 game, Demons Souls is a PS3 game. Godfall as well as Destruction Allstars are the only 2 exclusives out and are pretty much widely accepted as awful, so enjoy I guess? I have no desire to try Godfall, and Destruction Allstars got deleted after playing through that awful tutorial. I noticed you didn't bring it up, so I bet you feel the same way. My point is they said there is a flow of new "exiting" games coming, so they doesn't have to focus on old games. Well, I want to know what new GOOD games are out now that I can play on my PS5, that I can't play anywhere else. I already played through the PS4 games Sackboy, and Spiderman MM. Started Days Gone and Persona 5 but they aren't clicking yet. I just want a reason to turn on the damn thing besides Fall Guys and Rocket League. I may pick up Ghosts next time it is on sale, and have no desire to play TLOU2, but again those are last gen games.

r2oB77d ago

@ justthefax

So let me get this straight; he mentions something about exciting PS5 exclusives COMING, and your response is regarding PS5 exclusives out now that you can play? So you don’t understand the difference between coming (as in coming down the line) and something already here (as in out now)? And you want to talk about comprehension, go figure. Seems either you failed to comprehend his statement, or you were able to comprehend it but decided to mention something irrelevant (he never mentioned exciting games out now, so why ask about that?).

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Atom66678d ago (Edited 78d ago )

I'm pretty lucky in that I have the means to buy and play a lot of games. My time is more limited, but I still try to get in as much play time as possible.

Sounds like you've got both the means and time to play every game in existence at release. What's your secret?

Tiqila77d ago

His secret is being young.

BrockEmSockEm77d ago

I see people hating on your comment for ps5 games and what not, but time will tell. PS4 had Last of Us, God of War, Spiderman, Horizon Zero Dawn, and so many more amazing games. They kill it with their exclusives and Microsoft exclusives have been poop.

77d ago
blackblades79d ago

So many articles on Sony and Nintendo BC, its like let's be negative to Sony again. Its like deja vu talking about BC again that we talked about years ago and years after that etc... Anyways going by ps4 games playing on ps5, I can speculate they both will play on ps6. We all know why ps3 games isnt on it these 2 systems.

RauLeCreuset78d ago

If only all these articles existed when the launch PS3 had full backwards compatibility back to the PSX.

Tiqila77d ago

Ps3 games can easily be played on the ps5, I can play them on PC with lower specs... PS2 and PS1 games should also run fine I guess... To be honest there is no reason but greed to not include BC. I liked Sony more when they weren't outselling Xbox by a huge margin. They cared for the customers more.

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Neonridr78d ago

I mean it's never a must, but always a nice to have. Would it be the end of the world if it didn't play the previous software? No. I usually hold on to my hardware anyways, so it isn't a deterrent or determining factor in my equation.

I love that I can still play my PS4 titles though that I have accumulated through the years on my PS5. It's awesome that I don't have to keep older hardware still hooked up.

Silly gameAr78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

It's sad this even has to be an article, but I'm glad it is because it seems like people forgot.

TheRealTedCruz78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

So PS2 played PS1 games, and the PS3 played PS2 games for a couple of years, until they made the excuse it was "too expensive" and then just resold fans older titles via the storefront and in remasters.

Just started doing it for PS4 games, if only in the face of MS supporting it the last three generations.
What a legacy Sony has made in the BC space. :^)

Godmars29078d ago

Actually, still have and use a PS1/PS2 PS3. Have another one I need to get fixed.

TheRealTedCruz78d ago


And anyone willing to pay insane prices for the original PS3 can do the same. As long as they have the physical discs, being the store is, well, you know.

RauLeCreuset78d ago

"And anyone willing to pay insane prices for the original PS3 can do the same. As long as they have the physical discs, being the store is, well, you know."

Well, you know, you can still redownload your digital purchases after the store is, well, you know.

LucasRuinedChildhood78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

"until they made the excuse it was 'too expensive' and then just resold fans older titles via the storefront and in remasters."

I've left scathing comments criticizing Sony's current lack of commitment to BC but that's just revisionist history, lad. They were so committed to backwards compatibility back then that they included the PS2 GPU on an already expensive console and it was marking up the price. The 360's biggest advantage was that its models were $200 cheaper than the PS3 ($499 and $599 versus $299 and $399) and they had to make a tough choice, also removing other parts of the console like the SD card slots on the front to try get a model down to $400. It's very dishonest to ignore the full historical context.

They had a completely different approach and attitude to their old catalogue than they do now. They didn't sit in a smoke-filled room and say "Get rid of the PS2 GPU so we can sell remasters." - as I said, they were trying to reduce the price of the PS3 to make it affordable. It was a different time. Most of the PS2 remasters also didn't come out until late into the generation in the 2010s ( The only one they released with any urgency was the God Of War Collection a few months before GOW3.

"What a legacy Sony has made in the BC space."
I'm not downplaying MS's work, btw, but by that logic, what legacy has MS made in the BC space? Sony went all in and included hardware on both the PS2 and PS3 to achieve full backwards combability, and truly did care about it. Only a portion of MS's first 2 gens are BC whereas 99% for the first 2 gens were fully backwards compatible for the PS3 at launch because they included the necessary hardware, and now both the PS4 and XB1 are BC (3 gens at best each). You can criticize their current attitude, but they used to be perfect on this front.

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