PlayStation Could Beat Nintendo to the Punch with Backwards Compatibility

As Sony shuts down the legacy digital services for PS3, PSP, and PS Vita, perhaps PlayStation has plans for all of the legacy games on PS5.

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darthv7274d ago

If Sony were to expand the PS5 bc to add in PS1/2/3 & PSP/V then that would totally obliterate XB and their 4 generations or games supported. PS5 with 7 platforms supported would be some major bragging rights.

jukins73d ago

I have a feeling, im probably wrong, that the store closures will ultimately turn into a plus as all the game would be available somehow via cloud or true bc trhough a gamepass like sub.

Time for people to admit whether sustainable or sub services are the way. Me myself have been using gamefly for 10 years. Hoping sony does this because thats a lot of games to vanish 2000+ several generations. Wishful thinking

DEEHULK8873d ago

That's a lot of shovelware especially from the PS1 and 2 era.

Father__Merrin73d ago

Xbox doesn't have 4 generations of support there only about 27 or so xbox og titles that are back compat

InUrFoxHole73d ago

Wait... They do have 4 gens of support or you're discounting a gen because you feel they should have more than 27?

Teflon0273d ago

So inuyfoxhole
By that logic are we going to credit Ssony for PS2 support on ps4/PS5. Because I know I have the PS2 games for jak and Daxter, Dark Cloud, Dark Cloud 2, Ape Escape 3, Rouge Galaxy, Okage, And Wild Arms 3 on my PS5 and they're not streamed. Not sure what the true amount is. But I'm pretty sure it's more than 27. Yet people discredit it and say MS has support for all generations. Hypocritical if you ask me

BattleCat73d ago

This will never happen...

phantomexe73d ago

I was disappointed when they said the ps5 wouldnt. I was ready to pay more if I had too. A system that plays all of ps history god that would be amazing. That leak pat. year ago it was real. I dont think the big 3 know how much ppl really want access to there past consules games. They see dated crap but to us we see great fun and for some great memories. Hard to move forward if you never look back at where you been.

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InUrFoxHole73d ago

Would like to see sony on this but 1st I would like to see storage worked on.

Double_O_Revan73d ago

Even if they had plans to have the PS5 play everything, there would be no real reason to shut down the older stores.

IRetrouk73d ago

If they plan on integrating the stores into one, or into the ps5s store, that could be a reason, although I don't actually think they are gonna do it lol.

Double_O_Revan73d ago

If that was the plan, then they would've announced it as such instead of just announcing shutting down the stores and causing a panic.

IRetrouk73d ago

That's why I said I don't think that's what they are doing, I dont honestly think they give a rats ass about their old stuff.