Trading in Old Games for the Holiday

8BitJoystick: "Two weeks ago I bit the bullet and packaged up a lot of old game systems and games that I have had in storage and not played in years and traded them in at Pink Godzilla games. I would rather pass them on to a new home than to move them to my new place and then let them collect dust in a storage in the back of my closet. That and the back of my HDTV looks like a basket of snakes when I have my old game systems hooked up. I had to run some older 3d game systems through a video filter to even get them to display correctly on my rather fickle HDTV.

I am keeping all my NES and Famicom games as well as my PSOne, PS2, Xbox one and Gamecube games since the disc based games are all in folders that don't take up much space and I can't bear to get rid of my NES cartridges."

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