Thunderbolt: Scene It? Box Office Smash Review

Thunderbolt: "Unfortunately, like any kind of trivia, Scene It?'s shelf life is finite. It won't take long for repeat questions to rear their ugly head, and while you'll eventually remember the answers to all the rounds, it won't feel at all satisfying because you only know it out of mental conditioning and reverberation, and not because you know and/or love the movie(s). This is a conundrum the developers should have seen coming; would it have been too much to ask for more questions via marketplace? Scene It? is also an experience that will only be of any worth in (good) company. If you can't get real, tangible friends to play with you then Live acts as a more than adequate alternative – just good luck finding games."

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chaosatom3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

Microsoft wants to look casual and wants consumers to see them as a casual console.

i don't they were expecting anything from this title.