MLB The Show 21 is Coming to Xbox Game Pass on Day One

With another thrilling Opening Day in the books, Major League Baseball fans around the world were treated to all the nail biters, dingers, and bat flips they could handle when teams took the field to kick off the 2021 season.

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DiRtY1210d ago

A game developed by Sony is $10 more on Sonys console.
A game developed by Sony will be on Game Pass Day one.

Nitrowolf21210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

didn't MLB (the other publisher in hands with this) push for being multiplat though? Seems weird that Sony would make it on gamepass if it was just them, so i def see this as a MLB decision.

Such a weird situation

RazzerRedux1210d ago

This has to have been the decision of MLB. If it were up to Sony, this game would never be on Xbox at all, much less Game Pass.

RaidenBlack1210d ago

... while $69.99 on PS5.
Well this is... odd. I don’t even know what to say. I'm lost for words. MLB, not Sony, is listed as the game’s publisher on Xbox platforms, so whether the league struck this deal as opposed to PlayStation is unclear.
Part of me wonders if they'll have a "surprise" PS Plus reveal.

jukins1210d ago

Its not the mlb lol. Microsoft obviously paid for day 1 access. Sucks for us ps fans but for sony they got a lump sum anf will get more sales when it leaves gamepass

Class_Viceroy1209d ago

Microsoft pays the developers to put the games in their service. Sony is pushing this multi platform because I think they understand it’s a chance for additional profit on a video game product that’s not super personal because it’s a sport and not a franchise like say Ratchet and Clank. Maybe they are just dipping their toes in exploring the idea of cross platform franchises.

If MS went to Sony and said “Hey well give you a boatload of money so we can offer this in GamePass.” Why would Sony care? They made their profit, and people will still also buy it to own the game on Xbox.

Army_of_Darkness1209d ago

The only Ps exclusive that doesn't sell so well, so this is actually a good decision on Sony's part.... I have no problem with it, but I'd like to know how and why?

anubusgold1209d ago

The game is on xbox because MLB told sony they would take away their exclusive licence if it wasnt on other consoles.

neomahi1209d ago

Yeah, thats exactly the reason. To some extent, Sony are now challenging Microsoft on their home turf to say "we can still do it all better than you, including on your own console". Halo Infinite anyone?

This is also how Microsoft does business. We'll take anything youve got but give nothing back in return. Theres no we'll scratch your back if you scratch ours. Microsoft revels in taking what they can from Sony like a spoiled brat.

Its no skin off their back and all profit but, if I were Microsoft, the Gears of War cows been milked ok Xbox hardware. Id port the original trilogy to PlayStation hardware to milk that crowd. Ya keep Gears 4, 5, and Tactics on Xbox One and SEX only, but you make money off that crowd, theres nothing left to gain of it on Xbox hardware, that fanbase have already played it and are tired of it but neither the PlayStation nor Nintendo camps have played them unless they owned that hardware foe that purpose.

But this is Sony being classy and Microsoft being immature.

TheEroica1209d ago

Razzer.... Lolol! You know so little about making money.

RazzerRedux1209d ago


I'm speculating obviously. I don't know jack about running a multi-billion dollar organization or how their deals work. Neither do you. So what are you yapping about exactly?

BTW......you don't look much like a financial wiz when your profile page is highlighting your dead website.

Heavenly King1209d ago

they know xbox gamers wont buy it; so its a way to make some cash out of that version that they had the obligation to make.

Profchaos1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

Yeah they threatened to remove the licensing rights from Sony if they didn't take it multiplatform Sony has had this franchise since the PS2 era so they obviously didn't want to lose it as for the cost difference Sony's logo is still on the box but it's published by MLB maybe they came to a different conclusion on the rrp than Sony did.

frostypants1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

Yeah. It's probably why it also doesn't look so great for a next-gen title. They had to focus on multiple platforms including the Series S. Kind of a bummer...it used to be a leading edge series in terms of console graphics.

4Sh0w1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

MLB the Show isnt exactly a AAA beast in regards to sales so with the exclusive license I can see Sony looking for larger profits through Xbox but its kind of a weird choice with the direct competition, since of course theres pc. Lets also remember though Sony uses Azure and Microsoft has Minecraft on PS along with now owning studios who have contractual obligations for timed exclusives. Its all good= These companies are smart so there will always be plenty to differentiate these consoles but there are times when it just makes good biz sense to crossover. Only fanboys will be upset, so what.

Bobertt1209d ago

I believe MLB told them if they didn't make it multiplat they would take back the license. Really dumb of them to not get that approved first. If they did though and MLB changed their mind cause of Covid then fuck them.

IamTylerDurden11209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

It was likely a forced decision by MLBPA and part of the license agreement.

My concern for ppl who will forgo buying it due to Gamepass is that third party games do leave Gamepass. Is The Show guaranteed to stay for a year? This isn't a hit and quit game, ppl who get invested often play year round. Diamond Dynasty and multiplayer are long-term investments. It would be jarring if someone invested in The Show only to see it leave Gamepass a few months later. No? This is part of the issue with technically renting games via services, u don't actually own them and are at the mercy of the service provider.

At least more ppl will experience the best sports franchise in the business. If Sony still collects revenue for microtransactions it may still be lucrative even with Gamepass money/Xbox sales likely going to MLBPA.

OptimusDK1209d ago

@Shuckylad yes money.
You know that Sony tax if 10 USD they now stick on every game.

Competition is good

knickstr1209d ago

I get the feeling this may be the last MLB game made by a Sony developer.

gravedigger1209d ago

Sony ( or San Diego, whatever) will get a cut of each copies sold on every platform, even if is on Gamepass, so yes, Sony surely got a cut of Gamepass deal.

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Teknosaur1208d ago

@ neomahi

For one, Sony had no say in this matter. MLB wanted it to be multiplat and it was going to happen one way or another. Sony is not "challenging Microsoft on their own turf", this is MLB wanting more people to be able to play the only true baseball simulation game in existence.

This was ALL MLB. Microsoft took the opportunity that was presented to them and then, offered more for a day 1 release to Game Pass.

You talk about Microsoft taking from Sony any chance they get but, you didnt give a single example. Sony did not get screwed out of this deal so, I'm not sure how MS took anything from Sony.

This has nothing to do with Sony being classy or MS being immature. The entire thing was spearheaded by MLB and everyone wins in the end so, have a seat

anubusgold1207d ago

@knickstr Good and i hope EA will some day lose the nfl licence as well because having exclusive sports licences makes developers lazy with no competition.

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nirwanda1210d ago

Same price but when you can get a year of gamepass ultimate for the same price it makes buying a year franchise on Xbox pointless.

IRetrouk1210d ago

Oh yeah, its a pure win for xbox gamepass users, no doubt there.