Distribution showdown set for 2015?

For whatever reason, Atari's head executive and the CEO of the Entertainment Merchants Association both predicted this week when digital distribution will eclipse retail. With developers' vested interest in cutting out the resale market, and retailers' desire to stay the course, it looks like they're angling for a fight in five to 10 years.

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ThePimpOfSound3697d ago

So, when this brawl goes down, the developers will be sending nasty messages over the Internet and the retailers will use baseball bats.

ElementX3697d ago

I am for digital distribution. The amount of resources and packaging materials, not to mention energy used to create hundreds of millions of games/movies is ridiculous. Plastics aren't the best for the environment and everything comes in plastic cases and shrink wrap. Furthermore, the amount of fuel used to ship these games all over the world must be staggering.

On the other hand, people would lose jobs.

On the other, other hand, that's a few years off.

cain1413697d ago

Makes me scared to buy stock in gamestop...