GTA IV PC a buggy mess, Steam customers ask for refunds

It seems that the PC port of Grand Theft Auto IV is having some problems; the official forums are filled with people suffering from glitches, crashes, and graphical issues. Oh, my. How bad have things gotten? Gamers are reporting that Steam is actually offering refunds on a case-by-case basis.

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ElementX4102d ago (Edited 4102d ago )

Well, does Best Buy give refunds if you open a PC game and it's buggy? I don't believe you can get refunds for open merchandise. Because you are downloading a game from a service, there's nothing to "open", however I think that customers should be reading reviews and forums before they buy downloadable software.

I'm not sticking up for Rockstar, however their PC titles usually have issues from what I've read.

Pennywise4102d ago

I think games should work before going on sale. Call me old fashion.


Its offical GTA4 is the most over hyped game EVER.First people who bought it on consoles did it was too downgraded and not as fun as GTA3 now PC games say its buggy.I might never buy a GTA game again.I think R* has gotten to arogant because millions of people buy GTA every time it comes out.If GTA5 is not like GTA3 i am not buying it.

killalot1004102d ago

this reminds me of console gaming last gen. they had to have the game running as good as possible because there was no going back and none of that online patching crap. now most games release have some huge problem that needs to get patched right away and some times the patch makes things worser.

Perjoss4102d ago

"I think games should work before going on sale. Call me old fashion."

I think the last game to do this was Tetris on the original Gameboy. Maybe more companies should follow blizzards example: finish working on a game, and then test it for like a year :)

kevnb4102d ago (Edited 4102d ago )

there have been plenty of broken games since the atari days, atleast now they can patch them. I tend not to buy broken games though, and I tend not to remember them for all that long with the exception of a few games like Shaq Fu, ET, the first PS2 Tomb Raider etc...

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killalot1004102d ago

i was planning on getting this game but going to wait like i do with most pc games. this is getting worser and worser. this is a story that doesnt get much news, i understand that there are so many pc configs that no pc is ever the same. when a pc game released i feel like i am a beta tester and its bull. this is one big reason why pirating is so bad and was one reason why i pirated bioshock because the pirated version was the most stable one. i bought bioshock on steam for it to just crash so i pirated. i hate pirating games and i dont do it no matter what now but come on can this problem with pc gaming get more attention.


MGS4 says hi.That game was so polished its just insane.I did not have a single problem with the control and movement of snake,and the A.I was polished very well aswell.

4102d ago
TheColbertinator4102d ago

Well I am not buying it for PC.I have never enjoyed a GTA game on PC.I feel bad for those who wanted to get the definitive PC version

TheIneffableBob4102d ago

It's really unfortunate since every other GTA for the PC has been pretty good. A little buggy, though the GTAs for the consoles were buggy too, but nowhere near as buggy as GTA IV.

locos854102d ago

GTA 4 is a huge disappointment. I hope GTA 5 brings me back to chaos happy days

kwyjibo4102d ago (Edited 4102d ago )

I disagree, but I can understand your point. The nod towards social realism that GTA IV offered was refreshing and bold, and I for one enjoyed it as did the majority of critics.

I can see that people just want some sandbox blasting. But you've got Saints Row, Crackdown and Just Cause to give you that. Isn't that enough?

locos854102d ago

I was happy with the game until I had to start keeping up my social status with most of the characters in the game. It became work. Take Roman to the strip club, the other guy to the boats, girlfriend to a date. It felt like it got in the way of havng fun. Game was good but that is what ruined it for me.

kwyjibo4102d ago

Yeah locos, actually agree with you on that bit. It's what annoyed me the most about San Andreas too, having to keep my muscle mass up and eat the right food etc.

If I wanted to play the Sims, I'd play the Sims.


You can't rest on your laurels, so why are they doing it. I might download a torrent file of this just to spite them, they don't deserve my money for this.

(A little OT) Good old valve giving us refunds, now THERE'S a developer.
Steam is a vision of the future, I buy all the PC games on there I can, and often don't bother if it isn't on steam. I love it!

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The story is too old to be commented.