Silent Hill PS1 Will Be Lost Once Sony Closes The PS3, PSP And PS Vita Stores, And That's Not Cool

From PSU: "Sony Interactive Entertainment‘s announcement that it is shuttering the PS3, PS Vita and PSP storefronts came with a wave of criticism. After all, the preservation of digital games is something we should all consider, and the repercussions of these legacy stores going the way of the Dodo are pretty major – once they’re shut, you can’t download any titles for those formats anymore."

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Sonic-and-Crash41d ago

probably they r preparing the whole classic PS1 library to appear on PS5 stay calm

Jericho133741d ago

All for a nominal fee of course 😆

Hopefully they’ll start migrating their legacy titles to PS now, would make the service way more enticing.

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Jericho133741d ago

Yes I’m well aware of that... having to buy games again though is the problem.

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septemberindecember40d ago


I think they are suggesting that you'll have to buy the game again to play it on PS5 if they do make a PS1 library available for PS5. Which I'd agree with, that's probably what would happen.

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RazzerRedux41d ago

I don't think they are. I think Jim Ryan is fine with letting everything prior to PS4 just die on the vine.

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Petebloodyonion40d ago

I think that Jim's problem is that you get to buy these games for next to nothing on Vita/PSP/Ps3 when they can charge you the premium price on PS5.
Why would Sony patent the idea of Trophy vs emulation for Legacy title.

So expect Sony to have Legacy title on PS5 or rebranding PSnow as the place Legacy title (and I would not be suprised that try to add Sega Genesis, Neo Geo, and other legacy consoles except for Nintendo).

gamer780440d ago

yup, jim ryan is the new don mattrick...

DogJosha40d ago

@Saishi I bet you feel like you have ownership when the PS store closes down. Face it, digital is the death of ownership and I saw this coming the day that that digital downloads were first announced. People even tried telling me they wouldn't shut down servers in our lifetime.

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SickSinceSix40d ago

The PS4 never let me play my digital PS1 and 2 games that I boughtand played on the PS3, I don't expect they'd let me play them on the PS5 either

bouzebbal40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Stay calm over an assumption from a random guy on n4g forum? Thanks for the laugh
Closing ps3 and vita stores is a d### move from PlayStation.. how about online play? Anyone knows?

Abear2140d ago

This. Fully expect PSNow to expand and try to give more value to match Gamepass. Of course it’ll continue to be a fee driven service— to play all the games they just pulled the plug on, but really what else should we expect?

WelkinCole40d ago

My copy on the PS1 is not going to disappear. Like all my other games

DogJosha40d ago

@WelkinCole CDs start to go bad within 10 years if it's a bad batch, and becomes a more widespread problem after 20 years. Silent Hill is 22 years old now so you could literally lose it any day now depending on luck.

x_xavier_x40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

@ DogJosha

Commercially produced CDs do not go bad within 10 years. The Library of Congress conducted a study that showed the lifespan of CDs and CD-ROMs to be at least 25 years and that figure could easily double if the media is stored properly. I have hundreds of CDs from the 80s and they all still work.

Interestingly, writable CD discs actually have a longer shelf life than commercial discs. Some claim up to 100 years, but there is no way to prove it, so who knows.

gamer780440d ago

the nintendo model is not a good one....

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locomorales41d ago

Don't worry. Jim Ryan is going to give you an opportunity to buy this game for the 3rd or 4th time. Sony is love and never make mistakes.

Silly gameAr41d ago

Let's go make some more trash articles about the same thing over and over again, and get those pitchforks ready.

That's what real gamers, and not fanboys or garbage clickbait sites would do.

RazzerRedux40d ago

"Don't worry. Jim Ryan is going to give you an opportunity to buy this game for the 3rd or 4th time."

Why would he? Ryan is on record as saying no one wants to play those old games anyway. You are giving Jim Ryan far too much credit for even having a vision for old games. He doesn't.

"Sony is love and never make mistakes."

You do realize you are commenting on an article from PlayStation Universe calling out Sony explicitly for this, right?

Father__Merrin40d ago

Jim Ryan out.....Tretron back....

moriarty188940d ago (Edited 40d ago )

that would be a dream come true. Ryan is a moron of the highest order.

DOMination-40d ago

Andrew House was the PlayStation overlord before Jim Ryan - Jack Tretton was to my knowledge only in charge of SIE America.

Army_of_Darkness40d ago

@loco 🤣🤣 that comment cracked me up bro! "sony is love and never makes mistakes"
They do, just not nearly as much as MS Xbox... Sony shutting down PS3 for reason and that reason is to stop bleeding money . Anybody who has a PS3, psp or vita most likely has all the games that they want to play on it by now so why continue to keep the PS3 store online? Just a waste of resources. It all makes sense when you look outside the box.

Knushwood Butt40d ago

I literally went through the entire Vita store last night deciding what to grab and the only thing I decided on was the expansion DLC for Velocity X, and even then, I would probably never get around to playing it.

There was one other thing but just woke up and can't even remember what it was so can't have been that important.

I do want Gradius V PS2 classic for PS3 though.

Chocoburger40d ago

Video game preservation is important. There will be humans that aren't even born yet that will eventually want to play PS3 / PSP / PS Vita games. Its easy to hack all 3 consoles of course, so that will be the only method going forward.

There are plenty of exclusive games locked to PS3 / PSP that will be gone for good, from MGS 4 to Crisis Core FF7 (UMD only because S-E gotta be like that).

Old games have value, I've been playing more retro games than ever before in fact. I own 4 EverDrives, N64, SNES, GEN, NES, and its been a lot of fun playing tons of classic games from 30 years ago. Eventually PS3 will be a 'classic console' as well, and people will want to go back and check out games they missed.

Stop thinking about today and tomorrow. Think beyond your narrow mindset. Video game preservation is important, and the fact is, piracy is the only true form of preservation because Sony and Nintendo simply don't care. Microsoft cares, but only a little, and only to make up for their lack of quality modern games.

Knushwood Butt40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

I remembered. it was the God of War 1 and 2 remasters for Vita. I'll get that used on cart.

snake-OO40d ago

Nintendo has been doing the same for decades, It doesn't make it right but at the end of the day, its business. If very small amount of people are buying ps3 games, then they have to evaluate if its cost effective to keep something up and running.

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Terry_B41d ago

Meanwhile..Andy just downloaded the PS1 Iso in less than 4 Minutes and is going to play it via Emulator now.

JustTheFax40d ago

haha I agree. The game is "preserved" all over the different rom sites. Lame article.

Terry_B40d ago

That plus there are many many thousands of copies of the original game available. To argue this game would be "lost" if its not available in digital form on PS3" is as hilarious as the relationship between my brother Andy and Mai.

Father__Merrin40d ago

They need to bring all released digital games to ps5 store