Digital Life Review - Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

Jason Hill writes: "Veteran developer Rare uses wonderfully self-deprecating humour to deride its illustrious past and the inane conventions of platform games in this delightful romp.

The studio has also bravely transformed one of its most-loved platformers into a highly creative wacky racer, but strangely cannot seem to let go of many of the staples it merrily mocks.

Nuts & Bolts lets players quickly and easily build crazy contraptions using various Lego-style pieces to complete simple challenges such as races and fetch quests. The large variety of parts enables the construction of vehicles like cars, trucks, planes, tanks, helicopters, boats and hovercraft, plus bizarre hybrids and unique creations.

Blueprints can be shared with online friends, and there are plenty of designs available."

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