FBI Steps In to Investigate Counter-Strike Match-Fixing Incidents

Xfire writes: "Match-fixing in Counter-Strike isn't new. It's happened so many times before and it still happens occasionally. However, they often get caught. When that happens, law enforcement agencies very rarely get involved. Often, it's tournament organizers, commissioning bodies, and Valve, that take care of this, banning involved players from competing professionally.

With that said, match-fixing in Counter-Strike has become so bad that local enforcement is stepping in. In fact, it's so prevalent in North America that the FBI is lending a hand to try and investigate the match-fixing incidents."

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sourOG39d ago

Sounds like the kind of useless shit the FBI would be good at.

moriarty188938d ago

nothing better for the fbi to do?

annoyedgamer38d ago

Got bored framing people and ignoring violent criminals apparently.

Smok9138d ago

Remember when the FBI knew about Epstein for a decade but worries about this shit instead