Kena: Bridge of Spirits devs Ember Lab on stealing the internet's heart and making the most of PS5

Why PS5 game Kena: Bridge of Spirits is more than just a love letter to Pixar animation

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masterfox35d ago

*As a console exclusive to PlayStation platforms, Ember Labs is also hoping to make use of the PS5's next-generation features to make Kena feel and play as good as it looks*

Yep this is one of the reasons why Playstation games are the best in this game industry imo, seriously this new IP looks gorgeous.

Sonyslave335d ago

It a time exclusive and it coming to ps4

bouzebbal35d ago

Yes, can't wait for this..

abstractel34d ago

I look forward to this game but the "taking advantage of the PS5" is ~60% bullshit. You can't develop a game across two completely different generations and optimize it fully for the PS5. The PS4 is 7+ years old, the power that the PS5 (and the XBSX) have is going to allow developers to do some amazing things once they are not shackled by the PS4. This is pure marketing speech. Again, I look forward to the game, but it's not a true next-gen game. I argue we haven't seen a true next-gen game yet, at least not playable to the gaming media.

I'm keeping my eyes on Battlefield as the stuff they had in EA's next-gen teaser is a lot more in line of what is actually possible on the next-gen consoles (though the Series-S might hold this gen back a bit. You can't just change the resolution and think that frees up all the resources, just doesn't work that way.)

Rebel_Scum35d ago

Not a great reason tbh. Any platform can boast that for any game.

derek35d ago

Xbox can't. All their games look like trash!

SurgicalMenace35d ago

Okay, whether on a PS4 or PC, what NEXT GEN option can you get it on outside of PS5? Tire of this argument.

phoenixwing35d ago

you're fooling yourself if you think pc is not at the level of ps5 lol that is some hardcore delusion

Jin_Sakai35d ago

“you're fooling yourself if you think pc is not at the level of ps5 lol that is some hardcore delusion“

But how many percent of PC gamers have a PC equivalent to PS5 or more powerful? 100% of PS5 gamers have the exact same specs.


RaiderNation35d ago

it's the only argument they have.

34d ago
gamer780434d ago

It will be on Xbox later. It’s timed console exclusive.

SurgicalMenace34d ago

Hey a PC is a PC and a console is a console, so these games are CONSOLE exclusive....all I'm saying. It's so insecure to try and diminish to value of console just because all you have is a PC. My PC cost me 10k to build but my PS5 gets far more gaming time because they have unique experiences that better fit a console. Not to mention the ease of access a console grants.

Yeah better graphics are cool but it doesn't change what game I'm playing.🤷🏾‍♂️

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34d ago
Kdoge34d ago

It's coming to PC the same day, a lot of the new ps5 games are, ff16 and forspoken(project athia). And it will look better on PC obviously if I got the hardware.

gamer780434d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I think the article got this wrong it’s a timed console exclusive, just FYI.

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Eviltattoo 35d ago

Xbox really needs games like this.

Bathyj35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Microsoft don't have the eye for quality to back games with charm and style like this at an early stage, with the rare exception with games like Ori.

More often they back games like The Medium. Medium literally means average. Ironic.

I picked this and Little Devil Inside to punch above their weight since their reveal.

WillyC00935d ago

You and I might be in a small group with that thinking. I think Little Devil Inside looks very interesting. Art style is fantastic as well. Can’t wait for that or Kena to drop.

34d ago
gamer780434d ago

From what I’ve read it’s a timed console exclusive. You’ll have to wait a while.

RaiderNation34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Honestly, when I think of the term "indie game" THIS is the sort of thing I want! Not a bunch of cheap looking top down pixel art crap. I want indie games that have a AAA look and feel and this one has it in spades! Games like Kena, Stray, Little Devil Inside, Bugsnax, The Pathless, etc are what I want from the indie dev community! Not all those damn cookie cutter 16 bit looking games!

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