Killzone 2: Issues raised about the Preview code

Motherh666 Writes: "Hi folks, I am getting a bunch of complaints about some things in the preview code and just wanted to clear this up for everyone."

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chaosatom3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

Natkos face had a shading glitch in that build making him look a little weird and plastic. Has been fixed since.

Grain filter
The grain filter is still there. But the video compression is removing it. Looks better on screen."

haha. People are like Sh*t, they Can make improvements even in Beta. LOL. that's What Betas are for.

Sadly some people like OMEGA who pretend to care, come here and Bash the game.

Panthers3701d ago

Its sad really. This game is going to be picked apart to hell and it will still be AAA.

Some people just love to see things fail, even if they are great.

Cwalat3701d ago

so basically, the "preview code" is an older code...

and the voice acting is improved...

knew it.

KZ2 is still goin for the goty award... and i seriously believe.. it will get it.

thor3701d ago

Bubububu teh AI suxxorz!111
Bubububu there iz only 1 environment!111
Bubububu teh grafix r not impressive!111
Bubububu teh gameplay is generic!111
Bubububu control scheme suxxorz!111
Bubububu recoil iz 2 much 4 mah poor skillz!111
Bubububu teh game is no fun!111

Haters are getting OWNED at every turn. They have nowhere else left to hide. The only way this game can truly suck now (as they hope), is if they admit to themselves that every other FPS before it also sucked. If KZ2 is generic, what does that make every other FPS out there? Give me reasons that KZ2 is generic, and then give an example of an FPS that is NOT generic. Go on, try. Betya you can't.

Why o why3701d ago

ha ha

'they' will try. Im gunna set up a site for the most asinine but imaginative downplay/diss/nitpick i can find when kz2 is released. Too much variety still takes the biscuit in my books. What a douche

thor3701d ago

I will admit I had my reservations at first. It was only caution though because I hadn't seen enough of the game to pass judgement. I still have some concerns; but every time I see the game another one of my concerns disappears. AI, for instance, whilst I have seen a couple of glitches, is at times seems VERY intelligent, and can overcome the player by sheer tactics alone.

I honestly believe they've played this wonderfully. Aside from that trailer way back when, they've shown Killzone 2 in little chunks and each time we've seen it another bunch of haters shuts up. At some point I'm going to have to keep myself spoiler-free though :( I've already seen too much :S

Traveler3701d ago

I wouldn't be so sure that this game will get picked apart. I mean, obviously there are going to be some reviewers that do that, but I am willing to bet that it will get mostly positive reviews.

I love Killzone Liberation on PSP and even enjoyed Killzone on PS2 and I can't wait for Killzone 2. All my questions and concerns about the game have slowly dissolved over time. The more that was revealed about it, the more and more certain I became that it will be an outstanding game.

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Th3 Chr0nic3701d ago

preview code WTF is that, do they mean beta or aplha? whats up with that

Fishy Fingers3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

Yeah it's a rather new one on me to. I guess the core work is complete and like they ran a beta to gauge and respond to gamers feedback they probably want equal input on the single player front from those who will be grading it come launch.

This way they have a month or 2 left to attack those complaints. Remember, they would have had feedback from these journalists a while ago, it's just been under NDA until today, so it could only just become public knowledge. Like Seb says in the post, some of these complaints from people watching online have already been removed from the latest build.

WANNA GET HIGH3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

U dont need to wait till killzone2 comes out before u make a site.Funny enough i was thinking of a site like that but my web site making skills is not good.If u make that site now u have %100 of my support.I think its time for some one to stand up to reviews that downplay a game for the dumbest things.

CrippleH3701d ago

Don't you know by now?

GG does not follow traditional game builds.

It goes from Pre Pre Alpha, Pre Alpha, Pre Beta, beta, preview, and then final.

Traditional game Pre alpha, beta, final.

WANNA GET HIGH3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

Im in the beta and the only thing i ask is that they remove motion control for sniper.Other than that i love it,and YTF are people complaing bout a preview.This is not the final game also i dont know whats the beef.I noticed the voice acting problem but the first thing that came to my mind was that its a demo and not the final game so i just ignored it.When the game is finished and it still has this problems(which im sure it wont)Then u can complain,but for know all u need to do is just STFU and enjoy the new videos which is AMAZING.

Th3 Chr0nic3701d ago

nicely put. also u get bubbles for the name and avatar!1! ';..;'

Max Power3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

want to play the game with the motion control sniper, but if they could make it optional for people who would prefer it on or off that would be perfect. Wish i were in the beta:(

Fishy Fingers3701d ago

Quick reply to the criticism, and rather strange for a dev to be so prompt. They're obviously very protective over their baby and rightly so.

Still, good to know a few complaints have already been address and resolved, and moaning about a hair cut? Come on, you know the game is great when a major complaint is the characters hair style.

Bane of the internet, give some a few videos from an uncomplete build and they can tell you everything you could ever want to know about a game.

solidjun53701d ago

How much you want to bet that someone (Omega4 probably) is going to post a story from some random internet blog that reads "will the new haircut from Killzone 2 affect the sales projection?"

If it's true, then I'll walk away from my PC in shame.

jackdoe3701d ago

I chuckled at the hair cut comments as well.

Marceles3701d ago

This game is going to be looked at through a microscope when it's finally release to the point where people will just start making stuff up, since people really want a flaw in the game so bad

WANNA GET HIGH3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

This is alerday a sign that this game will be bashed for the little of things.If they are complaing about hair cuts what makes u think they will not find some lame a££ thing to take point from when reviews comes out....

Its sad but its going to happen,EDGE,GAMETRAILERS,EUROG AMER,GAMEDAILY...E.T.C Will all go out of there way and look for something bad to say.Well i dont give a F about review scores,i have played the beta and i love it so im buying the game day1.Edge can stick the 6/10 they are gonna give this game up there A$$.......

Bathyj3701d ago

This is funny. I didn't even read the story, I cant be bothered with such nitpicking drivel, but I was thinking to myself someone would write, "One of the soldiers was a redhead, and I hate redheads."

Fishy Fingers3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

Dude it's a forum post by Seb Downie - QA Manager for GG addressing peoples concerns.

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