PS3 80GB MGS4 backwards compatible SKU restocked

Retailer on Thurs. restocked Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 80GB Metal Gear Solid 4 bundle, the last SKU to feature built-in software-based backwards compatibility.

The item, released in June, includes an 80GB PS3 SKU, Dualshock 3 controller, backwards compatibility to most Playstation 2 and Playstation games, and a copy of Konami Corp.'s Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots for $499.99.

The retailer is concurrently selling the limited editon 40GB MGS4 Kojima Bundle at $399.96.

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Darkseider3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

This is a good one and I would really like a valid response.

What differentiates the software BC units from the non-BC units? Granted they have something in their firmware(?) that allows BC but other than that is there ANYTHING else? The reason I ask is if so that would imply that there is 2 concurrent versions of firmware for the PS3. One for the non-BC and hardware BC models and one for software BC models. AM I correct in this assumption or is software based BC done somewhere else?

Nineball21123695d ago

It is a good question and I don't have an answer. Maybe some code in the firmware that recognizes which systems have the B/C software already installed on them?

I never really thought about that before. Hmmm...

Bubbles to you for the question though! Now you've got me all curious about it!

Darkseider3695d ago

I believe I found my answer after searching the wibbly-wobbly-web...

Turns out that the software BC models still retain the GS from the PS2 and have only had the EE removed. The software emulates the EE but the PS2 GS still does all the graphics work. Now knowing this I looked into why software BC on current non-EE/GS systems hasn't come yet. The answer I found to that was that the bandwith between the memory and GS far exceeds that of the RSX and its' memory due to the fact that GS memory was on-chip. Also that the GS has some low level functions due to it being a custom chip that a modern GPU would be incapable or reproducing in a timely manner.

Myze3695d ago

Since updates and everything, the software BC runs about 99% of the ps2 games just fine. Out of about 50+ ps2 games I've played on my 80gb ps3, the only thing I've noticed in any game was the fight against The Fury in MGS3. It slows down the game a lot (it actually makes the fight very easy). Other than that though, everything works perfect.

cliffbo3694d ago

chip inside: 100% compatibility
sofware: 95% compatibility

simple really

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locos853695d ago

I bet Sony will implement software BC in a future firmware update real soon. That is one of the main cons everyone has against the system.

I Call 9MM3695d ago

They should have just left the whole chipset in there from the start. I know it probably costs them a couple more dollars to make them but is it really that bad? I'm sure that eventually the PS2 chips could be shrunk down quite a bit more and made cheaper.

TheColbertinator3695d ago

They should allow people to download PS2 games.I would pay full price to have Dark Cloud 2 and Fatal Frame II on my PS3.

heroicjanitor3695d ago

I agree I only played the first dark cloud and now that you reminded me I want to play the second!

hitthegspot3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

I understand if you had the game and then sold it, it broke, or for what ever reason you don't have it today then it would be great. But at the pace that the PS2 is selling, people have a huge library of games. Why would you pay for a game again that you already have in your possession? It's Sony's dream come true. Charge you twice for something you already own. Look at the PSP movies. I already have Casino Royale on DVD why would I buy a copy for my PSP? I'm not going to pay twice...

Bathyj3695d ago

Good Point Steve.

Sony has a HUGE (I used caps to emphasize the hugeness) back catalog of games on both PS1 and PS2. They could be making bank if even the top 10% of them were available to download and no one would care anymore about BC.

Sure I still have alot of old games and a BC PS3 but it would be nice to have them on the HDD like a big fat arcade machine.

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