5 Atari Games You'll Actually Want to Play

Quick question: What was the last Atari game you cared about? Need a reminder? Maybe you enjoyed Test Drive Unlimited, or Ace Combat 6. Or perhaps you played Grand Prix Challenge on PS2. But, more likely, you won't be able to remember anything Atari-related since the 5200 (if you were even born then). It feels like the company has been dead in the water for a good few years now – but they're hoping that's about to change. If Atari's recent press event in London told us one thing, it's that they mean business.

With ex-Sony man Phil Harrison on board and fingers in practically every gaming pie (thanks to distribution deals with publishers the world over), and a brand that everyone recognises, Atari has the foundations in place to become great once again. But, most shockingly, it's actually got some great games to back it up. Here are five games Atari were showing off that GamesRadar reckons you're going to want to play.

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R2-JD3698d ago

... I would want to play. Riddick and Ghostbusters.

Where's the sequel to TDU??? Now that is something I want to play.


creeping judas3698d ago

TDU was an amazing game. I can't wait for the sequel!!!

jasonp693698d ago

Ace Combat 6 is from Namco not Atari. Get the facts right please!!!!!