VGR Reviews Left 4 Dead: Brief Shooter


"There's also multiplayer, which allows you to take on a group of zombies on the other team or vice versa. Zombies are at a disadvantage, especially those playing the Boomer…but it rotates, so it's pretty fair. The visuals for Left 4 Dead are good, but not groundbreaking. However, it is impressive to see hundreds of zombies run towards you with no slowdown. I've played a handful of online and haven't seen much in terms of lag. Voice-acting is average at best, but suits the feel of the game.

Left 4 Dead is probably the first game to push co-op play as a main mode. It works really well but the campaigns are far too brief to be memorable. Having said that, trying to survive on Expert will keep hardcore gamers hooked for ages. You won't find a better Zombie game in 2008."

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