Why are Capcom so good now?

Capcom has been on a hot streak it recent years, its franchises impressing almost across the board and offering both nostalgic and progressive design.

This week on Gaming: The Podcast, John Robertson and Stace Harman discuss Capcom's success and look at how the company has firmly re-established itself as a top tier source of games.

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Sonic-and-Crash1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

who said they r good ?? recycling PS1/PS2 era games and most of the times destroying them is good??

RE3 Remake let s e honest was Bad ...MHRise looks like a Nioh game rather than MHunter ...and let s dont talk about -completely out of touch-RE7-8....

where are the genuine games like Dragons Dogma or Shadow of Rome or even the JRPG series they had back in 90 s Breath of fire ? they stuck with 3 IP s all and all (RE, SFighter and Monster Hunter) and they mutated them so much (to the worse) that are not recognisable anymore

.the only good game they developped lately was Monster Hunter World which i admit they almost got it perfectly right

SpeedDemon1154d ago

"Who said they r good?"

Gamers who aren't stuck in the past and blinded by nostalgia?

NeoGamer2321154d ago

True, I think Capcom's recent games are exceptional, but they simply ported a lot of their older games to the PS4 and all were mostly cheap ports yet still charged gamers full price or nearly full price for them. Also, their "Special Editions" have just been blatant money grabs (DMC5 Special Edition).

I give them an 9 out of 10 for their effort on new games and the RE2 remake. I give them a 2 out of 10 for their lame ports and RE3 remake.

roadkillers1154d ago

RE4 was the second best game ever made. No nostalgia there.

bouzebbal1153d ago

They are good because they stopped being greedy and became more serious and better at communicating with fans.
PS3 360 capcom only survived thanks to sf4, monster hunter psp and very few titles. Lost Planet, dark void, bionic commando, re5 re6 were big jokes..
I think capcom ps1 and ps2 is the best capcom we're ever seen.

wiz71911153d ago

@neo aside from the cut content the RE 3 remake was a good game. From a gameplay perspective it’s better the RE 2 ..

FinalFantasyFanatic1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

Isn't it more of a mixed bag? RE2 was great, RE3 was heading in the right direction, but it obviously didn't quite have all the love and time put into like RE2 (hence a shorter game than the original), and RE:Village looks good. I'm pretty happy with MH and Devil May Cry as well, in general, both those franchises are consistently good (don't talk to me about DMC 2).

YourMommySpoils1153d ago

But if you read what they said, they think Monster Hunter World is their best game, which isn't a remake. How are they blinded by nostalgia?

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Kavorklestein1153d ago

Yeah.... it's bad.
I almost choked and barfed mid-sip of water due to the title.

shammgod1153d ago

Looks like you are riding alone on this one dukes

generic-user-name1153d ago

Ironic that you say they are "recycling PS1/PS2 era games" yet also you complain that they change up these series too much. You want them to change things up but then, when they do, that's also not good.

RE7 was great, RE8 will be too.

Petebloodyonion1153d ago

So let me guess this, You complain that they are recycling Ps1 andPs2 Era game but you say they are out of touch for Resident evil 7 and 8?
You're a tough cookie to follow man :)

Obelisk921153d ago

RE7 out of touch? MH Rise looks like Nioh?

Dude, honestly, your opinions are kind of superficial and naive. Also, you didn't even mention DMC which is an active and great franchise.

gleepot1153d ago

i havent seen so many bad opinions in a long time! re2/3 remake, re7 were all fantastic -- re8 looks to be following suit. The Monster Hunter series is on fire, DMC5 was also fantastic. The hell you smoking?

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SullysCigar1154d ago

I guess someone at Capcom finally listened and righted the ship before it went down. God knows they were a mess at one point and it was sad to imagine such cherished IPs being left to rot.

Here's hoping they stay on course!

QSPR1153d ago

I'm still waiting for a remake or remaster Pocket Fighter (Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix) for current consoles. :'(

Majin-vegeta1154d ago

Now if we could *ahem*get Sengoky basara in the West again that would be great.

Terry_B1154d ago

Good? Yeah maybe. Better than a couple years ago? Hell yes. But as good as capcom in the Nineties and up to around 2004? Hell no.

CrimsonWing691154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

Now? They’ve been pretty consistently good throughout their entire existence! Sure, their whole focus on outsourcing IPs to western developers was a bit of a misstep, but each generation they’ve had stellar hits.

Capcom is one of my favorite developers and I think if I had to choose only one Japanese developer to get games from it’d be Capcom.