Macworld: LoginControl 2.0 review


"But the more useful feature, in my opinion, is the ability to switch between multiple login-item lists. To create a new list, you click on the plus (+) button under Saved Lists; give the new list a name and it appears in the Saved Lists section. (If you want to create a new list based on an existing list-Saved or Live-you select the source list and then choose File: Duplicate List.) You manage these lists just as you do the Live List; the difference is that changes to Saved Lists aren't reflected in Accounts preferences.

If you have a need to frequently switch between several lists of login items, LoginControl isn't as hassle-free as it could be. Then again, even with these limitations it's much less of a hassle than not using LoginControl at all. It's a nifty utility that offers features I'd like to see Apple include in Mac OS X itself."

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